1000 Ass Bonk
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Creator Mcbuster
Creation July 4,2017
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Silly
Fighting style melee
Abilities Bonk Drinking
Enhanced Speed
Powerful Punches
Weaknesses Fragile Body
easily fooled
Status In limbo
Occupation Stunt Mann
Superiors Texas Bacon
Allies Pyro Imp
Enemies Caber Pie
Undead Ape Heavy

1000 Ass Bonk is a RED Scout dare devil TF2 Freak concept by McBuster

his theme is Steak Peppers- OFF

Appearance and Personality

1000 Ass Bonk appears as a RED Scout wearing Summer Shades, Fast Learner and Bonk Helm

While he's known for being killed in his stunts he doesn't learn from his mistakes and will try it again later.

He's always hyper active with all the Bonk that he has drink and always looking for something to pull a stunt with.

Powers and Abilities

1000 Ass Bonk is a very quick on his feet when he sees danger or a sentry nest sometimes he leaves fire behind when he flees

He always carries a huge supply of Bonk to regain his speed and seeming to be under the effects of bonk for long time and always seeing things in slow monition

And with the power of Bonk he can let out a powerful punch to take out a giant robot but it also take away his effects

And if he needs to fight back he'll use his Udered Bat to take on his threats

Faults and Weakness

1000 Ass Bonk is a very stupid person and easily fooled by almost everything and everyone

1000 Ass Bonk is durable as a normal Scout and easily harmed like one meaning normal means can kill him and he never learns from his past mistakes that he'll even might fight the strongest Freaks to the death.

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