AssassinHoovy is a BLU Heavy Freak created by the user Hoodie. He is based on mainly Kid Friendly Heavy.


He is a BLU Heavy wearing an oversized Outdoorsman and an Apparatchik's Appareil.

Powers and Abilities

He has no real powers as he set out in the Freak World in order to gather facts about different freaks, for educating purposes only. However, most of the time it goes horribly wrong, such as Heavydile tearing off his left arm, got (temporarily) Vagified by The Bugler and so on. He has only shown that he has fighting skills once, in pure anger.

When enraged (Which rarely happens), he removes his Outdoorsman, as for some reason he is able to manipulate his enemies bodies like ragdolls, much similar to Weaselcake. He also became able to fight Painis Cupcake head on in pure strength, but that ended when he ubercharged.


Except when getting furious, he really doesn't have any powers that aid him too much, making him relying on teamwork.

He is very kind which cunning enemies can use to their advantage.

Stealing his weapons will make him extremely sad.