Assassin Scout
Creator TF2redpie
Creation July 2012 (concept)
Type Elite
Alignment Lawful Good
Fighting style *Melee (with sword and fists)
  • Short-to-mid range (with guns)
Abilities *enhanced strength and reflexes
  • master swordsman
  • firearm usage
  • hitmans heatmaker usage
  • hand-to-hand combat
Status alive
Allies Dell Conagher (RED, non-canon version)
Enemies combine

Assassin Scout is a Scout TF2 freak created by TF2redpie


many years ago scout was captured by the combine to develop the perfect weapon the gave him cybernetic implants these were used to inhibit his emotions when it came to combat. unfortunately the implants defective causing him to go berserk in the process he killed all who were involved in the experiment he then escaped the lab that held him prisoner for so long. later he met the protectors of construct a resistance group that,s goal is to destroy the combine by any means possible.

Appearence and behavior

Behavior Assassin Scout is rather a quiet one, He is a very frustrated and lonely, he gets more open for those who welcome him, but he gets very closed/combative for hostile introductions. He is shy, and naive but defensive about something's about combines. He is a Loner because of his past and can't associate between friends, acquaintances and enemies. Which gives him a hard time. He is rather frustrated and confused. But not unintelligent.


assassin scout is a master of the sword, he possesses enhanced sterngth. also he has good reflexes for example he can catch knives and arrows that are thrown at him. 

Faults and weaknesses

assassin scout can be stunned by an attack he did not see coming an example of this is if a sniper trieds to snipe him he can get caught off guard. hes also not immune to curtian types of poisons.