BLU Demon Soldier
Creator Invadervek
Type Berzerker
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Belligerent, Fear-mongering
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Intense strength

Power Jack Hammer

Super speed

Weaknesses Complete idiot
Status Died many, MANY times.
Occupation Homicidal Maniac
Enemies Karma Soldier
BLU Demon Soldier on anything

The BLU Demon Soldier is a crazed demonic soldier made by Invadervek, his theme is Die Patient from Silent Hill 2 (

Appearance and Personality

As the name implies, the BLU Demon Soldier is a BLU Soldier. He dons the Infernal Impaler and wields a Power Jack Hammer. He has a hatred for all life, not unlike Nightmare Medic, unlike Nightmare Medic, the BLU Demon Soldier doesn't just hate humans and non-demonic freaks, he hates Demonic freaks as well, as he tried to fight Slender Mann, the BLU Nnnngh Sniper and Nightmare Medic (at once, to be exact), proving he isn't exactly bright.


He has massive amounts of strength, as he is able to throw a Groudon without any help or effort.

He has a powerful Power Jack, its able to break through walls, crack Austrailium, and gib humans

He has Super Speed, as he is able to out run a Scout.


"Gotcha, Crouton!"
BLU Demon Soldier after thinking he nailed Slender Mann in the face

the BLU Demon Soldier is an idiot, to put it plainly, he never checks if his opponent is really dead, he has no plain and he even drank holy water once. He can be tricked or easily killed

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