BWN Vagineer
BWN with his pet Carl (before getting a hat)
Creator Kostus
Creation 4th August 2015
Debut Vagineer meets endangered Raawr
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude sensitive, revengeful
Fighting style Any
Abilities Stock Vagineer Ablilities
Turning Invisible
Heat Manipulating
Inhuman Durability
Weaknesses Lack of Destructible Power
Low Reflex
Stock Vagineer Weaknesses
Status Alive
Occupation Hermit
Subordinates Carl
Allies Raawr
Enemies Other Vagineers
The Original Vagineer

"hctib a fo noS!"

— Brown Vagineer first encountering another Freak

The BWN Vagineer is anathematized by other Vagineers variant

Personality and Behaviour

BWN Vagineer usually avoids the fight unless, he will have to defend himself, or someone innocent, or close to it is killed, either in serious condition (if the first one was not attacked for no good reason)

He is very helpful and can even cut his own body to feed the hungry without infecting him with the Vagineer virus but being too nice for him or offering him wrong chocolate (he only likes bitter chocolate), will annoy him, he can even hit and insult the person who is too nice for him/gave them wrong chocolate (example: Polite Spy), and chocolate, they were given and didn't liked.

Very attached to his pet, attacks everything for its natural threat, even endangered Spy Crabs. He will also fight

  • melons
  • watermelons
  • cupcakes
  • jarate
  • pancakes
  • soupcans
  • sandwiches
  • threes
  • cheese
  • cows
  • pies
  • sapers
  • maggots
  • mistakes of nature
  • Francis
  • cakes
  • rockets
  • bombs
  • Dollars
  • pornographies starring Scout's Mother
  • Crabs

and even himself.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being weakest vagineer variant, they still posses powerful stock Vagineer abilities, such as Inhuman Strength, Limb Regeneration and Detachment, with it is enough to fight normal TF Monsters.

BWN Vagineer also is extremely durable, making fights with other Vagineers a lot much easier.

He can also turn himself invisible, and become much stronger and faster.

As being anathematized by other Vagineers, he is less vulnerable to other freaks abilities (enough to don't get turned into stone if get's stone gazed by Snyphurr).

His last, very powerful ability is heat manipulating, which allows him to change the temperature of the body, without self-ignition, burns or freezing to death.

Faults and Weaknesses

As mentioned before, he is not very strong, when visible.

BWN Vagineer is little more resistant to TF2 Freaks special abilities, but not very much.

His poor reflexes makes avoiding missiles or counterattacks hard for him.

When invisible BWN Vagineer is much more fragile than being visible.


  • He was the first BWN freak to appear in a YouTube video.
  • BWN Vagineer seems to be unaffected by Karma
  • This freak collects bacon "For sudden encounter with Painis Cupcake".

Notable Videos

By the Creator

Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Cheerful
Status Alive
Occupation BWN Vagineers Pet
Superiors BWN Vagineer
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