Bat Pudding
Creator Rivfruifv
Creation May 15, 2013
Debut Bat Pudding
Type Augmented Human
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Cocky
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Super Sonic Speed
Super Jump
Weaknesses Being Slowed Down
Status Alive
Occupation Speedster
Superiors Dr. Uppengraden
Allies Dr. Uppengraden

"I'm runnin' circles around ya'!"

Bat Pudding doing just that to Major Scout Guy
Bat Pudding is an outstandingly fast BLU Scout Freak created by YouTube user Rivfruifv.

His theme song is Pink Floyd - On the Run.


Bat Pudding was supposedly a cross-breed of an ordinary Scout and a fox. After losing his legs and nearly dying, he was rescued by Dr.Uppengraden. The doctor replaced his legs with robotic ones and genetically altered him using part of a fox's soul, thus giving Bat ultimate speed.

Appearance & Personality

Bat Pudding appears as a BLU Scout with the Prosthetics, the Instant Fox Kit, the Digit Divulger and the Sign of the Wolf's School. He comes off as somewhat cocky, and some find him to be an annoyance. But he is also friendly and willing to help sometimes.

Powers & Weaknesses

Bat Pudding is extremely fast, being able to run circles around his opponents and get them dizzy within milliseconds. In addition, he can also jump to outstanding heights. He also uses his tail as a melee weapon by whacking his enemies in the face with it. However, he cannot do much if he is slowed down or trapped by an obstacle. Quicksand, sandpaper, superglue, honey, syrup, butter, mud or any other slippery/sticky material will put his marathon to an end.


  • Bat Pudding is somewhat inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the creator's childhood favorites.

Notable Videos

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