• ChocolateElemental

    DISCLAIMER: This rant is not going to be about the entirety of the community itself, it's only going to be targeting the people at the top, specifically the administrators that created the community, especially in regards to both the regular TF2 Freakshow Wiki, and also the more recent TF2 Freakshow Concept wiki itself.

    As a head start, you can look at this journal that I've created a long time ago to follow up on what Kuga's and Xho's terrible actions are.

    Okay, let's get to the rant.

    I want to start off by saying, that I don't recommend joining the TF2 Freakshow Community because of how prideful, hypocritical, and abusive it is in terms…

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  • NationalGuard29

    Sweetie Corleone | TF2 FreakShow Concept Wikia | Fandom

    She's a FemPyro, but I need assistance in bringing her to life. Could someone help me make the information box about her. Her appearance is in the comment below.

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  • Mr.Abdelrahman

    ok now how do i make a freak here i have his model plan everything but i dont know how to post on this wiki lease i need help

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  • Painis Pootcake

    I really need some help. I want to create a few freaks, but on the wiki, I don't know how to set up the grid indicating their status of living, occupation, etc.. Could someone help me out please?

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  • VictorLinear

    As well as any freaks that barely have any edits or activness

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  • VictorLinear

    Hello, this is Captain Charger/Ladron or whatever you call me. 

    TF2 Hasnt been fun for me. It really hasnt. So thats why im going to really just be doing SFM from now on. Some concepts i have had i nthe past were bad but some i do miss

    and no, that Edge Scout isnt a demon or whatever or a beserker that goes into a rage when attacked.

    But listen, Pyschopasta. I cant ever tell if you just directly ripped off another existing freak or what. I cant really tell if your stuff is original or not.

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  • St Scotty

    Hey guys, so far the making of the New Era Emerges is going well but before that there are couple of things I want to talk about. First of all is the introduction on the video. As you already take the look at this article  as it stated that they're from another universe outside of the Freak World. Good news, I already plan that there will be introduction before the story began. The second one will be introduction of Unstable Australium. We all know most of Australium exists in Freak World include Pure, Cursed and Dark Australium used by many Freaks. So here's the brief of what's Unstable Australium is about and how does it played on this series.

    Unstable Australium is from another universe where the user can be wielded depend on the user its…

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  • VictorLinear

    Nue, the longest sfm ive speant time on now 5 Months, 21 Days is still being Worked on, Demo Ballseye vs Javier, a new hope to be freak someday. If Payton likes the guy enough he will become a rival of ballseye!

    Stay Tuned :D

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  • St Scotty

    New Updates for New Era Emerges coming soon...

    So far, most of characters from their owner got accepted my requests. The characters from their respectable owners whom got confirmed in the story are:

    • Cyborneer, Cyborspy and Soldier Drones by ShermanZAtank
    • Scoutit by MikotoNui
    • Bruiser by Commanderjonas
    • Piss Cakehole by Regulus Black
    • Ninjineer by LE-the-Creator
    • Subscouts by PumpkinLOL (will be updated on the storyline)

    However, some characters like Handsome Rogue, Cave Heavy, Ghost, Mann of Mystery, Menn of Mystery etc. aren't going to be on the storyline. Instead there will be some replacements for other new characters.

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  • VictorLinear
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  • Theoriginalfiestacat

    After ages of editing i bring you the first full video of my TF2 freak. Doctor Sex Bomb. I hope you like it and tell me what you think. Feel free to give feed back and maybe even a like and sub.

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  • VictorLinear

    Something im doing

    April 10, 2018 by VictorLinear

     Ladron sets out on a quest to the Fabled Lazarus to find 4 Runes:

    Purple: For Rage

    Green: For Life

    Red: ???

    White: For Ice

    Taking upon himself to keep them away from others, he invites a Scout under the name Etiella. Who is a constant coward.

    Etiella keeps the runes for saftey and Ladron uses his Victory Theft ability to steal them for himself

    Ladron tries to find the other two before being interupted by a BLU Spy who had also found out about the Runes. Ladron kills him with a 'Bullet Hell' attack from his Family Buisness. But not before his Etiella is killed. Ladron uses the Green Rune to restore Etiella only to find out the runes have limited uses. 

    While Etiella becomes spectical on why he was invited as a BLU Scout arrives and is killed once …

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  • VictorLinear

    Clutter Clean Up

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  • Sp000tNik

    They were keeped for an example for novices, didn't they? Why delete them all of a sudden? 

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  • Theoriginalfiestacat

    Hello there I call my self Fiesta Cat, I love to make Gmod animations but I can't seem to find any time (or have a computer) to do so. (It's sad really). Anyway, I like this place and it seems like a good home for my tf2 freak to be out there in the world. I can't wait to meet you all and talk about Gmod and stuff. See you space cowboy.

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  • GreTys66


    March 24, 2018 by GreTys66

    Is it okay if I could upload some of my TF2 Freaks on this wiki? They are not modeled, but they are on paper, so would that count? If not, I understand.

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  • VictorLinear

    I met this really nice girl on monday. She was probably 10 or something but really nice. She had a pink helmet (My fav color) and her name was Fiamma. I looked up that name recenty and it means "Flame" thats is so cool! 

    I dont know what place she got in...

    I got 3 Gold

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  • 25undyne

    I was just wondering if I could. Please no hate on oWn like seriously. It's just stupid.

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  • VictorLinear

    As much as i liked demons and wanted to make my own characters.

    They never really fit

    Lucifer became too silly of a character

    Sen and Malphas wouldnt have ever progressed anymore

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  • VictorLinear

    Wikia Adoption

    February 15, 2018 by VictorLinear

    "Hello. I'm SarisKhan, an admin on the TF2 FreakShow wiki and the founder of the associated TF2 FreakShow Concept wiki.

    Unfortunately, this wiki here is unattended. The sole admin has been inactive for several years and as such, vandals and trolls run rampant. This prevents any normal users who simply want to create Freak concepts from functioning normally. In consequence, I would like to adopt and fix this wiki.

    I will block trolls and remove vandalism. In addition, I'll provide a concise set of rules for ordinary users to follow, and supervise the wiki to make sure nothing bad happens to it again. However, mind: this wiki will remain different from the TF2 FreakShow Concept counterpart.

    There will be much fewer additional rules to follow he…

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  • Pyschopasta

    As titled here, I have an idea for a "Bonk Bastard" movie!

    The movie is basically starring my latest TF2 freak, Bonk Bastard, it also stars, Touching Story, Bill Nein the Science Medic, Pancolawich, Scunter, and Painis Cupcake. This might go down in TF2 freak history if it gets any good. I really don't know.


    Bonk Bastard is hunting down an Engineer, till Painis Cupcake eats the Engineer. Bonk is baffled that he isn't the only one causing mayhem and destruction across the map, but he isn't going to take lightly to strangers eating his prey. So Bonk decides to go on a journey to find Painis and kill him once and for all (Even though their BOTH evil, psychotic beings).

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  • VictorLinear

    PASTRAMI Review

    November 25, 2017 by VictorLinear

    Hi everyone. This is a first for a me. a Freak Concept review on PASTRAMI by EngieSparkDeerbust, and Uncle Crusty.

    As you can see. The Freak concept brings a whole new idea to the platter of the  Freak Concept world. It's Debut video has reached over 2000 views already. 


    Whats that you say?

    That isnt Pastrami?


    Ive made a mistake.

    This is Pastrami

    What do you mean this isnt PASTRAMI? It's....

    This is Pastrami. I remeber seeing this on Dapper Stars. Yeah with Linkaballs and FancyPunkCake. 

    But yes Uncle Crusty. I love his TF2 Persona. 

    Ok Pastrami is a midget bird heavy with the Dadliest Catch equiped. It can make infinite sanviches but sometimes eats other mercenarys because theyre hungry. They will do ANYTHING for food. Thats cute. Real…

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  • VictorLinear

    Hello peeps. Jaquses here. 

    Some of the recent guys ive added arent from tf2 or made in thought of tf2, i do have a outside life and i do draw alot

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  • VictorLinear

    November Update

    October 14, 2017 by VictorLinear

    Hi all. Coming this november, a boss i have made will be released to FF2 

    His name is Saber. A Vampire Medic.


    I suck at making freaks

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  • VictorLinear

    Im Back.

    October 2, 2017 by VictorLinear

    After a long trip to the past in the world which is now no more, Captain Charger (Cirath) comes back the TF2/Tf2 Freak World once more

    And this time it's for ther keeps!

    Originaly made in 2014 Charger is non drinking Demoman

    Armed with a Red Zato, evolved from his orange eyelander


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  • VictorLinear
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  • VictorLinear

    Meet Patriot

    June 14, 2017 by VictorLinear

    Patriot. He was born somewhere and was trained in Coldfront by Himself! Over years of being in the cold, takiing a nice -50 cold bath in the cold. Sleeping in the cold, etc. His skin became harder than lonsdaleite and diamond. He use's this to go naked (No, he has clothes on) into battle not worrying about himself and helping others.

    He is a hard hitter. He does have a casual look, sporting a beard and a condor cap (How does he do this?) The beard may be a 1$ fake from the dollar store. 

    His Katans have a 2 in 1 function! His Katan can split and be attacked to his hands so he can go a 1 1 claw wolverine on enemys. He seemingly has no weakness other than being stuck in ice, or any substance that is hard. He seemingly knows alot about Zombies …

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  • VictorLinear

    Run Barry. RUN.

    May 18, 2017 by VictorLinear


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  • VictorLinear
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  • VictorLinear

    Should i or no?

    May 8, 2017 by VictorLinear

    I am very nervous if i should or should not import a 2008-2009 OC i had for a completly diffrent universe (Had no idea what tf2 was then obviously) But he has a Solar ability like the Solar Heavy Has? Should i or no? His name is actually Victor Linear, thats why i had my username named that btw  

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  • Spider-Mad Numero Dos

    I need to see a lawyer.

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  • Sire Train

    And yeah, i have pictures of already, even a test video of Mushuruu swinging a drill fowards. Sire has small debut at the end of my New Years video with headphones. It was a early design of him. But it will be in a sfm im wanting to do (5 minutes long) Yes. i am Victorlinear. Dont block me. Listen Saris and everyone. Im done using that account. Dont expect for me to go on that one again and i need some help here turning the freaks i still want to "Sire Train" i changed my youtube username after a long though. A person that sucked

    Scion (Kurei to Sire)

    A evil demon trapped in a helmet that can posses whoever wears it


    A transgender femscout that is a good martial artists


    A red heavy lumber jack

    (I went Court saying No)


    A toxic demo…

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  • TheFlamingSun

    If you can read, then you know what my problem is. He's got the Source Filmmaker and wants to make Freaks with it, but he can't put his ideas on this wiki, because he's too young to make a wikia account. Should I put his ideas on here for him? Please answer in the comments!

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  • Merassmuz


    April 25, 2016 by Merassmuz

    How do I do the whole chart with statistics i.e. origin, characteristics, etc.

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  • Dr. Lazlo

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  • Icy guy2

    "Need some help here!"

    January 3, 2016 by Icy guy2

    I'm basically creating the members of the THG conflict as freaks, but i need some help about which guy should be which freak. This is how far i have come:

    I decided to make a list of the people involved in THG conflict, if they were freaks. This list is based on their behavior and actions during the conflict. Please don't get offended by this, and please "correct" it if you thought that some of the details were wrong.

    Saris Team SarisKhan - Soldine (leader)

    Kugawattan - Orangman/Major Scout Guy (second guy)

    BurgerLord (also known as BurgerBoi) - Uncle Crusty/Panoman (tends to mock him)

    Me - Dr. Teeem/Madic (more direct)

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  • BurgerLord That Random Person


    If you've vandalized any of THG's pages, usually this idiot shows up, trying to get you to vandalize articles on other wikis.

    But fear not dwellers of the old concept wiki! I'm here to tell everyone who might fall for his tricks that it's...well, you know, a trick


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  • Fancymann

    Guys, we need to STOP.

    December 5, 2015 by Fancymann

    Ok, I know you all want your fill of Toxicholygrenade as much as I do, but this is NOT the way you should do it, in the way you are punishing this ONE sole guy is doing more damage to the Wiki than the guy in particular.

    I mean, have you even SEEN the abomonation this wiki has become?!

    • Spam Tags.
    • Greifed pages that should simply be deleted.
    • Lack of active Wiki users due to making this wiki a complete abomonation.

    I am legitimately, thouroughly dissapointed in all of you.

    Everybody, even the admins, are inflicting their rage on this one guy because of all hes done, and thats sad. The problem here is that almost none of you have any sense in this shitstorm, you just slap random shit on this doucher's About Me Page, TF2 Carbon Copy Freak Pages, or any…

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  • Fancymann


    October 21, 2015 by Fancymann







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  • Jillian189

    Freak Log - Sol

    September 25, 2015 by Jillian189

    Name: Sol

    Age: Immortal

    Eye color: Blue (mortal), bright yellow (god)

    Hair color: Blonde (mortal), flame red (god)

    Appearance: When interacting with mortals, Sol usuall appears as a normal YLW-colored Soldier, but with bright golden hair and medium-dark tan skin.

    In his divine form, Sol has literally flaming hair and eyebrows, dark olive skin, a square face (with more severe angles than Mani's), a muscular body, and glowing yellow eyes.

    In his mortal form, Sol wears the normal YLW Soldier uniform with the Hero's Hachimaki, the Shaolin Sash, the Shogun's Shoulder Guard, and the Menpo. He carries the Half-Zatoichi sword with him at all times.

    In his divine form, Sol wears a gold suit of armor that is inlaid with rubies (with black and red accents), a …

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  • Jillian189

    Freak Log - Mani

    September 23, 2015 by Jillian189

    Name: Mani

    Age: Immortal

    Gender: Male

    Eye color: Baby blue (mortal), black (god)

    Hair color: White (mortal), black (god)

    Appearance: When disguised as a mortal, Mani has the physical features of a typical WHT Medic, including short, snow-white hair; high cheekbones, a prominent jaw, and the trademark glasses.

    In his divine form, Mani has near pale-white skin, a lean yet athletic build, medium-length black hair, sparkly black eyes (with no discernible pupils and irises), and a somewhat triangular face with soft features. His skin exhibits an ethereal glow and his hair has magical properties, constantly rippling and sparkling like the stars during nighttime.

    In his mortal form, Mani wears the Der Wintermantel, the Blighted Beak, the Vintage Tyrolean (w…

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  • Jillian189

    Freak Log - Johannes Lehrer

    September 23, 2015 by Jillian189

    Name: Johannes Lehrer (codename: BLU Unit 1)

    Age: 48

    Gender: Male

    Eye color: Blue

    Hair color: Black

    Appearance: Johannes is a dark BLU Medic with pale skin, and is about as tall as a normal Sniper. He wears the Das Maddendoktor (with A Distinctive Lack of Hue), a dark BLU version of the Medic's coat with the Quadwrangler (with yellow buttons) and a BLU Merc's Muffler (with the Australium Gold color).

    Before his kidnapping and conversion into a cyborg, Johannes wore the Medical Mystery and the Vintage Tyrolean.

    Personality: Before his capture, Johannes Lehrer was a firm yet kind Medic. Often called "Jo" by his friends, he was always on the lookout for his team's well-being, and always made sure they all went out to battle with full heath (woe to a…

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  • Jillian189

    Freak Log - Kenshin

    September 23, 2015 by Jillian189

    Name: Kenshin

    Age: Mid-30's

    Gender: Male

    Eye color: Blue

    Hair color: Black

    Appearance: Kenshin is a BLK Demoman wearing the Suited Demoman model with a GRY-colored tie, and the default RED Demoman's Fro.

    Personality: Kenshin is stern, no-nonsense, and unfailingly polite. He is always formal even when off-duty, and never seems to lose his cool. Even while angry, he always manages to keep himself collected. This causes others who don't know Kenshin very well to believe that he's arrogant and smug, even though his politeness was the result of his childhood upbringing.

    Unlike many Demomen, who are prone to alcoholism and devil-may-care attitudes, Kenshin follows the rules and prefers to stop crime within the boundaries of the law. Due to how dangerous crim…

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    September 9, 2015 by KANGEN-NOVA

    I am back.

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  • Jillian189

    Kenshin stared at the body with grim focus while behind him, the flashing lights of the police cars and the sole ambulance who responded to the distress call surrounded the crime scene. At Kenshin's feet, lay the mutilated corpse of an unusually man who looked like he had too much Sandviches for dinner. He was covered in a horrifying amount of physical wounds, including bullet holes, broken bones, and slash marks. The bright light amplified the gruesome details that if anyone other than Kenshin happened to look at the body, they would've either fainted or emptied their stomach on whatever surface was available.

    "You're late," Kenshin reminded pointedly to the hurried sound of footsteps coming his way.

    Jericho, a lanky young man taller than K…

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  • Shadowmedic

    Night Sniper

    May 3, 2015 by Shadowmedic
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  • T.J Charles


    January 19, 2014 by T.J Charles

    I think my thought process is low output for some reason. Point is, I can't think of a Freak.

    Need suggestions.

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