Bulldozer Redesign Crop
Creator superpika293
Creation 3/02/2014 (Concept)
Type Loyal Robot
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Unfeeling
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Bulletproofness
Super Strength
Adaptive Repair Function
Weaknesses Electricity

Scared of Sappers

Occupation Junkyard Guard Dog
Superiors Gray Mann
Enemies Major Malfunction

Bulldozer was the first Heavy Robot to step out of the spawn during the first wave. He was also the first of the robots to taste the sting of the Spy's sapper. 

Appearance and Behavior

Bulldozer is a grey Heavy Robot who wears a dark grey Bolt Action Blitzer, Steel Toed Steppers, the Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun and possesses a modified left arm that seems to be much stronger than the other. He also uses a Maul that he wields left handed and with brutal efficiency. His eyes shine a constant bright blue.

Bulldozer vs Major

Major fighting Bulldozer.

Bulldozer's behavior is surprisingly calm considering how he reacts towards intruders to his home in Sawmill. His home is actually where Gray Mann dumps the robots that get destroyed by the mercenaries, and Bulldozer serves as a guard dog who attacks anyone who trespasses. He possesses a much stronger hatred for Major Malfunction than for anyone else. He actually calls Major a traitor and will do everything in his power to destroy him.

Powers and Abilities

Bulldozer possesses abilities superior to most Heavy Robots in terms of Melee. 

  • Bulletproof: Bulldozer's armor is much stronger than a normal Merc-bot, making him practically bulletproof. Most projectile attacks are rendered useless when fighting Bulldozer.
  • Super Strength: Bulldozer is much stronger than any Heavy robot could hope to be. His left arm is heavily modified and is strong enough to break through an Uber Charge, although doing so could damage his arm in the process.
  • Adaptive Repair Function: This is a very useful ability. It allows Bulldozer to use any piece from another robot to repair himself. And considering he lives in a junkyard filled with broken robots, he's got enough parts to last him a long time.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Due to his experience with the Spy's sapper, Bulldozer is terrified of Spies and their sappers.
  • Since Bulldozer is a robot, he's susceptible to EMPs and electricity, which also makes electricity-based powers effective against him also. He can also be shortcircuited by various liquids like water, and he is also helpless whenever it comes to users of Technology Manipulation, who can possibly hack his programming and turn him into a neutral character or even a valuable ally.
  • Bulldozer possesses no form of ranged combat whatsoever.
  • While Bulldozer's strength is incredible, his strength is not infinite whatsoever. Users of Absolute Strength can totally overpower him since their strength is limitless in terms of firepower. He's also vulnerable to users of Strength Reduction, Strength Absorption, and especially Strength Manipulation.


  • Originally, Bulldozer used a normal Homewrecker, but it was later changed to a Maul.
  • Bulldozer's home is located only a few miles from Mannworks.