CRappeD RamPagE is a BLU Soldier with a insane personality.

His theme is this (cause im lazy)


I have like no idea with the origin story, i need help with this.

Behavior and Appearance

C.R (CRappeD RamPagE) wears the Brain Bucket. His behavior is insane, crazy and strange. It is no doubt he is obsessed with guns.

Arsenal and Weapons

If look closely enough, there are guns in his shoulders, one being a SMG and a Revolver (can't remember). He also carries around a rocket in his left hand and the Black Box in the other.


With his abilities, he has a Sniper Rifle in his mouth, meaning he can headshot, nothing more.


Take away his Black Box or Sniper Rifle, its his most strongest weapons in his Arsenal. He basically a hyper activate, so he must have a bottle or two of beer laying around somewhere...

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