Chef Connoisseur
Chef Connoisseur
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 05/17/2015(Founded)

09/08/2018(Page created)

Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Paranoid


Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Pan Whacking


Tear gas grenades



Status Alive
Occupation Travelling Chef

Chef Connoisseur is a RED Pyro TF2 Freak Concept created by TeslaTitanicX.


A RED Pyro wants to find his way to make money. He saw Demopan trade his stout shakos for 2 refined metals. The Pyro have an idea by using his own business to make money: cooking food. He uses portable fryer as a magical stove to make random food.

Appearance and Behavior:

Chef Connoisseur wears connoisseur's cap and frymaster that replace his gas tank.

Chef Connoisseur flies around looking for someone if they were hungry. Unless if they were not hungry nor paying him, he will kill them, as well as those who refuse to buy from him.

Powers and Abilities:

Somewhat, he is skilled in pan-fighting like Demopan. Except, he also used more than one weapon.

He throws limitless cleavers at the enemies if they were at distance.

He has tear gas grenades that used to tear up the enemies and ham-shank to hurt the enemies' belly so he have an opportunity to finish them off. He also can fly up in the sky.

Like Demopan, he also can team-kill.

Faults and Weaknesses:

He is almost similar fighting style as Demopan, except instead of not getting 2 refined metal from the subjects, he does not getting money for his cooks.

Somewhat, he even have to deal with a hopeless fight with stronger and high-rank TF2 Freaks.

After he beat one of any freaks, his laugh took a longer time to stop so the opponent have their opportunities to beat him before his laugh ends.


  • He is almost similar ways as Demopan, except, he is a RED Pyro who trade for food to make money instead of trade for stout shakos to make refined metals.
  • Another different from Demopan, he can use more than one not just melee as well as shooting range, he can throw cleavers at the enemies at distance.
  • If any subjects accepted his orders by paying him for food, he left the subjects without killing them unless they were refused.
  • The only way to stop Chef Connoisseur from fighting is if any victims/opponents paid him with anything valuable, he will leave from the battle.
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