Christian Pure Spy
The pure by nomnom09-d6gxtxr
Creator mit-332
Lemurfot and Witchy
Creation May 23rd 2012 (concept)
September 21th 2013
Debut DW vs TK vs CBS - Episode 1 - The Capturing
Type Saint
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Stoic
Fighting style Short ranged
Abilities The Cross
Angelic Powers
Great Agility
Superhuman Strength
Holy powers
Weaknesses Stronger Enemies
Status Alive
Occupation Servant of God
Allies Christian Brutal Sniper (supreme)
Enemies Team Killer
Devil Witchy (low rate)

Christian Pure Spy is a angelic WHT Spy TF2 Freak created by tumblr user mit-332. He gained popularity through his recent appearances in a series of videos by Witchy and Lemurfot.

He is the main protagonist of DW Vs. TK Vs. CBS.

Appearance and Personality

Christian Pure Spy is a default WHT Spy who wears a Ankh, He isn't very aggressive but if he is attacked or angered, He will attack. He is also a very supreme friend of Christian Brutal Sniper.

Originally, Christian Pure Spy appeared as a spy donning a pure white suit. In his video appearances, he dons this suit with the additions of religious objects.

CPS appears to be an alter-ego of Christian Brutal Sniper. In mit-332's interpretation, there is no reference to religion in the character, continuing the joke on Christian Brutal Sniper's name ["Why the hell is he Christian?"].

In Lemurfot and Witchy's videos he adopts a more religious character, similar to a pastor doing the work of God. He approaches situations in a calm manner unless provoked to a certain point. He is not however afraid to use force to deal with a threat.

Powers and Abilities

CPS is only depicted as having any kind of special powers in the Lemurfot and Witchy videos. These include the ability to create portals as a means of transport. He also carries holy artifacts to hold back demonic beings.

Faults and Weaknesses

CPS does not appear to be immortal and it is assumed that while he may have advanced durability, he can be killed. In addition, using his powers will eventually weaken him to the point he cannot continue to fight.

Biography (Theories)

Christian Pure Spy was originally a BLU Spy that came upon Karma Soldier, Karma Soldier wanted the CPS to join him but CPS refused and left him. CPS then wandered around Harvest and found Karma Soldier again. They both fought but CPS was overpowered. A Week Later CPS woke up with a white outfit on with a Ankh below him. Karma Soldier was about to tell him something but Christian Brutal Sniper appeared randomly. The two fought and CBS overpowered Karma Soldier. CPS and CBS then escaped and CPS became great friends with Christian Brutal Sniper after.

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