Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 11/13/13 (idea)
Type Creeper
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Creepy
Fighting style close-to mid range
Status Undead
Occupation Killer monster

Creeper appears to be a RED Pyro created by youtube user MrFlipmaster12


Creeper was founded in 1957 by Little Billy when Little Billy went to get his basket ball thrown by bullies but when little billy picked it up he saw Creeper standing their he was scared and ran off the bullies gave him a wege and hang him up on a tree and the bullies went to get it them selfs but the Bullies found Creeper and the bullies throw the ball at him and did nothing but then they turned around and talk but then Creeper moved up to them and killed them. Three days later the bodies were discovered and creeper to and the Captured Creeper and brought him to a base but people didnt know who he was until 3 years later in 1960 they found out his name was Johnathan Smith which discovered that he was a slave that had died in a mine accident in the cave were he was found his death was caused when he found gold he tried to mine it out but a slave  was on the other side and tried pull it the slave won but Jonathan Smith was knocked back and was stabbed in the head by a pickaxe but he was left there.


Creeper appears to be a RED Pyro wearing Maniacs Manacales and rugged respiritator.

Behavior and Personality

Creeper is creepy and behaves creepy and Creeper uses this to scare his enemies and he does it to make them leave and kills them.

Powers and Abilites

Creeper has the ability to move without moving his legs or body

Creeper can kill his victims by going right behind his victims and takes out their eyes or blind his victims by using his hands

Creeper can tear off skin very easy and can tear off the chest very easily without using any weapons at all

Faults and Weaknesses

Creeper can't move at all when people are looking at him he only moves when no one is looking at him

Creeper dosen't attack people if they attack him or touch him or carry him he only attacks if they are not looking

Creeper dosen't move when people arnt near by him even if their no looking at him

Creeper can get hurt by the sunlight and light so he only stays in darkness


Creeper is not the first and only freak that moves when no one is looking at him its actually Mann of mystery