2013-01-08 00001
Creator Fiji Pyro
Type Clone/Doppelgänger
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Fighting style Mixed
Occupation Being Evil
Allies Bad Guys
Enemies The Spy-Ral Knight

D3L74 (pronounced "Delta") is The Spy-Ral Knight's evil, demonic doppelgänger created by Fiji Pyro.


D3L74 was first born when The Spy-Ral Knight was searching around Egypt for clues. He looked into a mirror that soon created a darker clone of him. The clone/doppelgänger named himself D3L74.


D3L74 wears the exact same hat and cosmetics as The Spy-Ral Knight, but the Spiral Sallet has a different, darker color scheme. 

Behaviour and Personality

D3L74's role is the exact opposite of The Spy-Ral Knight's role, making him more of a "twisted counterpart".

Powers and Abilities

D3L74's weapons are the same as The Spy-Ral Knight's weapons, but with more power. He is considered to be an "over-powered, yet formidable adversary" in the words of The Spy-Ral Knight.

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