"You just ain't doing it right"

— Danne
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Creator ThatFireManiac
Creation 2018-02-25
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Wise
Fighting style Bakom
Abilities Able to wind up a punch to do more damage
Weaknesses Cutting off both of his mechanical arms
Status Alive
Occupation Sleeping
Superiors Aceline
Subordinates None
Allies His group
Enemies None

Danne is a YLW Engineer wearing a RED Dad Duds.

His theme is "Gold Rush 1"


He fought in a great war, being a Engineer he helped his team a lot. He was packing up and a enemy Engineer attacked him, he was able to cut off both of his arms. He was able to escape, without his arms he is un able to build, he asked one of his teammates to build him two mechanical arms.

Powers & Abilites

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Personality & Apperance

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