"Dark Scout"
Dark Scout Infobox Image
Creator Dr. Lazlo
Creation May 14th, 2014 (concept)
Type Doppleganger
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Abilities Demonic Powers
Weaknesses Anything sign-related
Occupation Dark Mirror
Enemies Super Scout

"Dark Scout" (not real name) is a demonic being conceptualized by Dr. Lazlo.


Created by a maleficent wizard using the Nega Stone, Dark Scout's only goal in life is to take down the freelance superpowered mercenary Super Scout at any cost. Using whatever he has at his disposal, he'll stop at nothing to see him killed, even destroying anyone around him, even himself at times.

Appearance and Personality

His appearance is the "Nega Scout" skin with the Curse-A-Nature set. Dark Scout is a monster, being very uncaring about what happens to the victims he kills, no matter how greusome the death was.

Powers and Abilities

  • Contact means instant death
  • Nega Stone-infused powers
  • High intelligence

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Hatred of signs
  • Fear of politics
  • Irrational fear of bees
  • Randomly melts
  • Gunned down by signs
  • Can't control his powers
  • Impossible to work with
  • Have I mentioned signs already?


  • Dark Scout is loosely based off of Dark Rayman from Rayman and Rayman Legends.
    • His hatred of signs comes from Dark Rayman's original death from Rayman, where the real Rayman touching a sign would kill his dark clone and beat the level (Candy Chateau - Mr. Dark's Dare, Stage 2).
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