"I'm of two minds about zhis..."
Dr. Middelschmertz, moments before creating "Proto-Vankah"
Doctor Mittelschmertz
Creator Dr. Lazlo
Creation February 27, 2014 (Concept)
Type Human
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Friendly, Cheerful
Fighting style High Intelligence
Abilities Technologically Enhanced
Weaknesses Water
Status Alive
Occupation "Mad" Scientist
Allies Wankah Fruitshop

Dr. Mittelschmertz, formerly Dr. Steelgrabber, is a technologically enhanced RED Medic TF2 Freak conceptualized by Dr. Lazlo.

His theme is The Binding of Isaac - Greed.


Born Joseff Steelgrabber in 1952, the doctor was experimenting with human organs at the age of 19, which led him to create an immortal creature he nicknamed "Fraken-Heavy". After discovering "Franken-Heavy", the town of Rottenburg am Neckar was quick to throw Joseff out.

Two years later, Steelgrabber and Franken-Heavy returned to the old town in Munich, only to find it deserted. Amazed and worried, the young doctor set up a laboratory in the northern part of town.

Sometime in 1993, he began experimenting with cloning in an attempt to create the world's first "Super-Freak". Unfortunately, the experiment went horribly wrong, and teamed up with two then-unknown Freaks to take down his newest creation. Learning from his mistakes a year later, he perfected the experiment that caused the fateful disaster and created Wankah Fruitshop.

Come 2014, he's become Germany's most famous mad scientist, and the Freak World's main input in medical technology. Even at 62, he's still creating more concotions of organs and limbs.

Appearance and Personality

His appearance consists of winter clothing (notably the Inuit Heritage and occasionally the Faustlinge), Das Maddendoktor, the Mutton Mann, the Gaiter Guards and the Quick-Fix. Despite his age, his hair shows barely any signs of graying.

He is a kind man, wanting to help anyone in serious need of medical attention. But don't let his friendly visage fool you. He's the man responsible for one of the Freak World's best bounty hunters; not only that, he has a rather serious tendency to tear any of his enemies a new one if they get on his bad side.

Powers and Abilities

His built-in Quick-Fix backpack enhances his physical strength and endurance by up to 17%, allowing him to take on opponents that would otherwise crush him with ease.

It also alters parts of his genetic make-up, making him 25 years younger (and 25 years faster and stronger) as long as the device is in a 12-foot range.

Faults and Weaknesses

He has signs of showing his age, and can be slowed down in combat. Removing the Quick-Fix also weakens him substansially.


  • He's one of few Freaks to have a confirmed age. His birth date is 1952, making him 61-62 years old.
  • His attire is mostly custom/community-created content, with the Quick-Fix backpack being the only Valve-created piece of his attire.
  • The creator of this Freak has mostly abandoned him at this point, and is considering what to do with him.
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