Dr. Robograden
Creator Rivfruifv
Creation September 22, 2013
Debut The Imposter
Type Demonic Android
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Sophisticated
Fighting style Variety
Abilities Telekinesis
Status Active
Occupation Destruction
Subordinates Silhouette
Allies Panrobowich
Enemies Silhouette
Dr. Uppengraden

Touching Story

Dr. Robograden is a BLU Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Rivfruifv, once known as Cheetah1251. He is an evil robot clone of Dr. Uppengraden.

He has three battle themes: "Aquatic Base (Level 1)" from Sonic '06, "Aquatic Base (Level 2)", also from Sonic '06, and "Forget About Freeman" from Black Mesa. During long battle sequences, all three songs play back-to-back as a medley.


Dr. Robograden's origins remain a mystery, though it's supposed that he was a demon that took the form of a robotic Dr. Uppengraden. His main objective is to capture Silhouette and Touching Story, absorbing their power to become an ultimate life form.

Appearance and Personality

Dr. Robograden sports a similar appearance to his counterpart, equipped with the Der Wintermantel, Byte'd Beak, Mecha-Medes and an albino Sir Hootsalot.

Dr. Robograden is a rather cold, cruel, sadistic and ruthless villain, very much unlike Uppengraden. He craves destruction and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if it means taking innocent lives. He has a tendency to wave his arms around in conversation.

Robograden has a twisted sense of humor, laughing manically at the misfortune of others. He is not overly interested in others, except for Silhouette, Touching Story, Dr. Uppengraden and Pancolawich, the latter two only because he needs to kill them, and the former two because he needs them for his plan, making all four of them his rivals.

Powers and Weaknesses

Much like his doppelgänger, Robograden possesses the power of telekinesis. Being a demon, he also possesses darkness-elemental abilities, as well as the ability to travel through time and space, and make others as well (mostly against their will).

His weaknesses have currently been unidentified.


  • Dr. Robograden is heavily inspired by Mephiles the Dark, the main antagonist of Sonic '06. Despite this, his creator intends to give him some "unique flavor".
  • Dr. Robograden is voiced by YouTube user DeltaSkylar201, who also contributed to the personality and abilities of the character.

Notable Videos

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