"This is unacceptable, dummkopfs!"
Dr. Wahnsinnig after the opponent kills all his revived dead Dr. Wahnsinnig is a insane BLU medic and is crazy enough to try and revive the dead. His theme is Let's
Dance Boys in the game Bayonetta


This Medic was always insane before he became Dr. Wahnsinnig.

He used piss in his Medi-guns, team killing, always trying to kill as many as he can, then he was put down. Kicked out of the team, forever alone. Then he got a brilliant idea one day, to return to the team and kill everyone and he was able to do it, he now hides away in a graveyard so he doesn't go to jail.

Behavior and Appearance

This Medic is always insane, taunt killing when he has a chance, stabbing people several times and striking fear into the hearts of opponents. He wears the Heat Of Winter, Blighted Beak and the Grimm Hatte.

Powers and Abilities

With being insane, he is insane enough to revive the dead. (This might remind you in some games that MeeM can summon minions/allies with his Rage)

He is just a normal Medic but more insane, and can revive the dead.


Ripping out his heart is one way, this will lower his speed and mobility, he can also be weakened by too much blast damage.

Interesting Facts

Wahnsinnig in German stands for Insane


Homme mort

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