Echo & Orton

Echo is a BLU Robot that Orton picked up from a MvM match.

Orton is a RED Sniper that naps and sleeps about 6 to 9 hours.

There theme song is (im sorry 4 being lazy)


Orton was in MvM, after completing every round, it was time for him to head back home, on his way he saw one of the robot bodies still lying there. He knew it wake up and kill him, but he felt like this robot could have a change of heart, so he took him to his van and headed back home. After few hours of re tweaking the robot was read to go, Orton named him Echo.

Very Nice!
-Echo complimenting how good the book he is reading

Behavior and Appearance (ECHO)

This Robot is a human like man, he is very relaxed because most of the time Echo and Orton stay home. He wears the Readers Choice and the Ebenezer, he also wears the flare gun shells as gauntlets.


With him being a robot, he is actually very agile, but takes hits easily, he is also able to jump higher for escapes or sneak attacks. And if he is not in battle, he reads a book.


He is immune to water but not immune fire, if the fire is high enough he is able to malfunction, meaning his speed and mobility will decrease.

I could do this all day...
-Orton talking in his sleep

Behavior and Appearance (ORTON)

This old hoot is tired guy, always finding time to nap or sleep, he has been letting Echo do almost everything, Echo seems to enjoy it though. Orton wears a Bonk! can on his chest, a Sydney Straw Boat and a Humanitarian's Hachimaki for a armband.


Being a old hoot like he is, he doesn't really have any, its mostly Echo who does everything, but one day Orton might create something for himself so he can fight.


He is a Sniper, like every other so he can be hurt by bleeding, afterburn, bullets and rockets. But he does have his Sniper Rifle, so he is still able to fight

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