Fabio Heavy Profile
Creator HappyHappyCultist
Debut How to Survive 2012 with Fabio
the Sexy Weapons Guy
Alignment True Neutral
Status Alive
Occupation Fahionista
Superiors Impossible to determine
Allies Unknown

Appearance and Personality

Fabio appears in either team colors, but he is always seen wearing a Triad Trinket (shirt), the Soviet Gentleman, and a Pocket Medic, making him a rather handsome freak. Fabio has the personality of a typical fashionista, and is always looking for people to challenge his fashion sense. When not in the prescence of other people, he is seen communicating with the sentient Medic doll in his vest pocket. He is very friendly most of the time, but never backs from a fight.

Powers and Abilities

Fabio is a living manifestation of a common joke in the TF2 community: Having hats (and miscs) makes you better than everyone else. This being said, he can either be extremely strong compared to all existing freaks, or have the strength of a normal Heavy. Fabio would technically be even more powerful than freaks such as Painis Cupcake or the Vagineer, despite their power being among the highest of all freaks, but would struggle to win a fight against a freak like the Demopan. This influence could go so far as to even bypass the effects such as a Self-Übercharge from the aformentioned "hatless" freaks. In addition to the influence that determines his power, the Pocket Medic is, in fact, a sentient being, and often communicates to Fabio. The Medic also provides Fabio with a rapid regeneration effect, similar to being healed by a Medigun.

Faults and Weaknesses

Fabio, by default, only has the strength of a normal Heavy. The Hat Influece that decides his power based on the opponent's current clothing can be altered if his opponent manages to acquire cosmetic accessories in mid-battle, allowing some to possibly overpower Fabio. His Pocket Medic is vulnerable, and if something were to happen to it, it would deprive him of his passive healing abilities. Fabio also isn't too bright, but this factor doesn't truly take effect due to the influence around him. He could be distracted by hats, and he is no expert on the art of fighting.


As mentioned before, his only real power rests upon the Hat Influence, which is taken directly from a common joke in the TF2 community, where Hats/Miscs=Skill. This is not true in the actual game.