Fallout Picture
Creator Ebayusergreen
Creation July 13, 2015
Type UPA Employee
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities enhanced strength

enhanced aim

enhanced intelligence

Unlimited arsenal

Status Alive
Occupation Working for the UPA or with Nick
Allies Nick

Fallout is a Teamless Scout TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Ebayusergreen


Fallout and his brother Nick were just toddlers when they were adopted by an alien like species after getting rescued by a crumbling building. Fallout and his brother don't remember anything about what happened when the building came down, all they know is that that they had a couple of other siblings that they don't even know if they even survived.

They were adopted by UPA agents and they were raised and taught to join the UPA. Fallout didn't really care that much about the agency but he had to join not only for his adopted parent's sake but to also keep an eye on his brother who liked the agency way too much.

When they were rescued Nick was unscathed but Fallout suffered some brain damage along with complications to eye meaning they had to remove his eye. Since his new adopted parents were a high rank in the agency they were able to get Fallout a new robotic eye and have some robotic features added to his brain not only to help with his brain damage but also for him to properly use his new eye.

When Fallout was officially hired by the UPA his first mission was one of the stupid missions that he actually had to get trained on before starting it. He had to protect a person from super hearing killer monsters that if he made a sound they would both be dead... And he had to do that for 1 full year or until the suspect was in a safe place. since he had to stay quiet for so long he got used to being silent but when he needs to he will speak.

Both Nick and Fallout were both good employees and they both grew in ranks pretty fast but somehow Fallout managed to get a higher rank than Nick, even though Nick does more missions and is more loyal to the agency than Fallout is, but somehow Fallout got a higher rank.

Unknown to Nick the reason that Fallout has a higher rank than him is that Fallout was given the opportunity to beta test a sort of revival machine and it is a dangerous procedure, so they gave him a higher rank so he can access more stuff in the agency.

Since Fallout is a higher rank than Nick is he has the ability to travel to any universe he wants, while Nick is only allowed to go to universes that he has already been to.

Personality and Behavior

Fallout isn't an all too friendly person but is mannered, he helps out innocent civilians whatever the cost, this usually leads to him getting into fights that he might have a disadvantage at since he will be busy protecting rather than fighting.

Powers and Abilities

Fallout is only a bit faster than a regular scout but when it comes to the strength he is just as strong (or even stronger) than a regular heavy

Since Fallout lost his eye and getting heavy brain damage the agency (he now works for) fitted him with a robotic eye along with replacing part of his brain (Around like 10% of it) with robotic parts, this not only increases his intellect but also his precision as well.

Fallout has the ability to use levitation though it's fairly weak it is able to pick up small, and most medium-sized objects It as well helps him get a little bit more strength when picking up very heavy objects.

After being in the agency for a while he was given a special backpack the has seemingly had an infinite amount of space in it. it's not known as to what or how many weapons he has stored in the seemingly endless abyss of the backpack.

Faults and Weaknesses

While Fallout can use ranged weapons and has increased precision he still uses melee-based weapons, making freaks that use ranged attacks have an advantage over Fallout.

Fallout can be a bit cocky at times and even sometimes underestimates his opponents as well

Fallout protects the innocent which means he will do anything for them to make it out alive making some freaks have an advantage over him when he is focusing on protecting rather than fighting.


  • Fallout had the ability to self-uber charge before the idea was scrapped
  • Fallout had another ability were he could posses Gigantic hand before that idea was also scrapped.
  • Fallout had a sort of "Rage mode" ability before it was also also scraped.
  • The amount of scrapped ideas for this character, in general, can rival a harry potter book.

Notable Videos

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