Cp gorge0001
Creator EbayUserGreen
Creation July 13 2016
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Enhanced strength

Enhanced intelligence

Enhanced eyesight

Unlimited arsenal

Status Alive
Occupation UPA Agent
Allies Nick

Fallout is a Teamless dark grey Scout TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Ebayusergreen


Fallout seems to wear an Antartic Eyewear colored dark green, a Boston Watch that seems to be Textured a dark brown color, a Digit Divulger (Closed Leather) textured a dark brown, the Blizzard Britches textured a dark grey color. His right eye seems to be robotic and his left eye is a green color.


Fallout is from a completely different Universe than the "Gmod Universe" (or whatever people call it).

Fallout works for an agency called the "UPA" short for (Universe Protection Agency). It's because of the agency why Fallout is in the "Gmod world" after the agency got a strange hostile reading from it.

Personality and Behavior

Fallout is someone who keeps to himself at times though he isn't scared to team up with people.

Though Fallout is rather rude when fighting an opponent he's pretty friendly when out of combat.

He tends to be seen hanging with his brother Nick.

Powers and Abilities

Fallout has more strength than a heavy and about as fast as a regular scout.

Fallout has the ability of telekinesis and is able to lift and throw objects from a distance.

He has a backpack with seemingly infinite that he has seemed to fill with multiple weapons, medical items, along with other various things.

Fallout has a robotic eye along with part of his brain having robotic components making him have higher intelligence along with having other abilities with his robotic eye.

  • Enhanced eyesight
  • Night vision
  • Infrared sight

Faults and Weaknesses

Fallout is still human and as such can't take much as damage as other inhuman like freaks.

He might have telekinesis but it is tied to his own strength, meaning he can't lift anything heavier than what he already can without telekinesis.

Fallout mainly prefers melee weapons meaning if a freak has range on him he is at a disadvantage.

Fallout's robotic eye along with the robotic part of his brain can become greatly weakened when in range of an electromagnetic pulse.

Though he has multiple abilities with his robotic eye he tends to either not use them or forget to use them.


  • Fallout had the ability to self-uber charge before the idea was scrapped.
  • Fallout's name was originally just a place holder name before it just stuck.
  • He originally going to look like a blue scout before he was made a custom-like skin.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

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