Flexineer is a cyborg Engineer freak made by Youtube user Pow. (Wiki user Powzorman)

His theme is Audiomachine - All or Nothing.

Creator Pow
Creation 17/9/2015 (Concept)
Type Cyborg
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Short-medium Range
Abilities Flexible limbs

Long jump Powerful Gunslinger

Weaknesses Cyborg weaknesses

Blows to head

Status Alive
Occupation Wandering
Superiors Dr. Duumkopf


Flexineer used to be a normal BLU engineer. Whilst on a mission at rd_asteroid, his hand was cut off and he took a severe blow to the left of his head from opposing RED mercenaries. Dr. Duumkopf saw the injured Flexineer and repaired him to his current state at the BLU spawn of 2fort. Promptly, RED mercenaries raided the spawn. Flexineer remained inactive during this raid, and when it subsided, Flexineer and Dr. Duumkopf were spared, the RED mercenaries considering them non-BLU due to the darker attire. Later, Flexineer returned to rd_asteroid and exacted his revenge on the RED mercenaries who disabled him.


Flexineer is a dark BLU engineer wearing the Virtual Reality Headset, Prairie Heel Biters, Idea Tube and Builder's Blueprints, and uses the Gunslinger and Pip-Boy. The paintable items are dark blue.

Personality and Behaviour

Flexineer wanders the Freak world on a daily basis. He does not join in in any large conflicts, and he only fights people who attack him first. When meeting someone, Flexineer always says 'Can I trust you?' due to his neutral status.

Due to his neutrality, he can make friends with other Engineer freaks if they don't attack him. If any of his friends attacks each other, Flexineer will try to stop the conflict.

Flexineer is calm when not in conflict, but when fighting an enemy, Flexineer is anything but.

Powers and Abilities

As his name suggests, Flexineer has very flexible limbs due to his cybernetic augmentations. He is also able to jump considerable distances and can pack a punch with his Gunslinger, enough to kill a normal mercenary and deal heavy damage to low-tier Freaks. For ranged combat he uses a Pomson 6000. Flexineer seems to be able to resist fall damage, too.

Faults and Weaknesses

Due to heavily relying on cybernetics, EMP and electric attacks can disable Flexineer. While his Gunslinger can deal heavy damage, his Pomson deals the same damage as a normal one does, making it useless versus most Freaks. A heavy knock to the area where his virtual reality headset is can also make the parts of it dig into his head, knocking him out and potentially killing him.


  • He is the first freak to have limb-stretching abilities, save for Stu Pidface's unexplained, random abilities.
  • This is Pow's first Freak.
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