Fly Scout
Fly Scout
Creator McBuster
Creation January 25 ,2018
Debut Scout’s Cleaning Adventure part 1
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Natural
Attitude Joyful,carefree
Fighting style Long ranged
Abilities Flight
toxic Vomit
Plasma projectiles
Plasma self destruction
flexible & extreme speed
Weaknesses Wings damaged
blunt trauma
self destruction
Status Alive
Occupation Infestation
Superiors BLU Medic

Fly Scout is a GRN tinted Scout concept by McBuster

Fly Scout's theme: Fraaz - The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks


Fly Scout was a Blue Scout who always keep taking medicine from his medic until one day he took experimental drugs and was transformed into the monster he was killing his any of the nearby Reds and still taking all the drugs making him stronger


He has a Green tinted skin and "wears" Flight of the monarch, Buzz killer and Legend of Bugfoot

Personality and Behaviour

He is usally High on the strong experimental drugs and we'll keep Medics alive if they are not hostile but will kill anyone if they harm his BLU medic or him.

he'll happily hang with overs if they dont attack him or sound too aggressiv to him or he'll shoot them with his plasma spilt or vomit on them and melt them with his acid

Powers & Abilities

Flight: Due to having wings he has the ability to fly in the air and inclosed spaces and is quick when flying

Toxic Vomit: Fly Scout does his most of the time and can also use it as his close ranged attack as he inhales air to make him look bloated then he vomits on his victim(s) and their skin will slowly melt

Plasma Projectiles: His main meaning of attack he'll shoot a slow green glowing ball at his targets blasting though normal humans easily

Plasma Self destruction: His is his strongest yet dangerous to himself move he'll spark green before he explodes nearly killing anything in a small blast but it kills him as well

Faults and Weaknesses

Wings Damaged: If his wings have been broken or wet from water it destabilize his flight ability and his extra speed

Blunt Trauma: His head can take much punishment from blunt objects and will go on a frenzy before passing out

Self Destruction: If he does use his self destruct ability it will kill him in the process


Fly Scout was inspired by Bloatfly from the Fallout Series

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