"You died as you lived, in hell!"
Homme mort after killing someone
Loadout (3)
This spy was like any normal spy, but he was horrible at it, getting killed by Pyros, Engineers always able to kill him, Spys backstabbing him. He slowly started to gather depression, so then he grabbed his gun and committed suicide. His corpse was found, and Dr. Wahnsinnig gave him a new life, a new life where he could kill.

Behaviour and Apperance

This Dead Man is serious, killing all who killed him, and doing contracts in his mean time, he is equipped with the Diamondback, the YER and the Cloak and Dagger. He wears the Frenchmans Formals and the Nightmare Hunter.

Powers and Abilities

With the Dead Man, back and alive, he has gained some abilities. He is able to walk through walls, this gives him an advantage in combat, with this he can either escape, heal himself, intimidate his opponent.


Like all Spies, he is susceptible to fire, giving the opponent the advantage, but he is able to escape through the walls. With the YER being buffed, this means he has to sacrifice his cloak for a disguise, so his opponents will be wary.

Homme mort is a RED spy that has been revived to kill the people who killed him, he does contracts in the mean time. His them is Silent Footsteps in The Elder Scrolls Series, Skyrim.


Dr. Wahnsinnig

Interesting Facts

  • Homme mort in French stands for Dead Man
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