Hot Dish
Hot Dish
Creator Ladron
Creation 2018
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Pissed off constantly
Fighting style Ranged - Long Ranged
Abilities Sound Beam Emission
Weaknesses Not shown
Status Active
Occupation Chaos
Enemies Toymaker

Hot Dish is a violent RED Medic made by Ladron

His theme is Treasure Map Boss Theme

Appearance and Personality

Hot Dish wears the Medic's Mountain cap and a Das Fantzipantzen

His eyes are Black-Red Sclera

Hot Dish's stand by position looks like a begging pose. except his legs are bent outwards instead of straight forward. If hit by anything he will attack the target to the farthest extent of his power, showing no mercy to pleas or self defenses.


Hot Dish was once a Medic troubled by his own team. He was yelled at for not popping his Uber even though he was waiting to use to it for a heavy push and was yelled by Heavy himself because he healed not only him.

The Medics anger built up inside. He tried to contain his rage but ended up venting so much heat and rage, anyone that was close to him erupted into a violent inferno. His Teammates started calling him 'Cutie' which pissed him off even further. Hot Dish ended up rupturing his teams ears and cause internal bleeding, even when respawned.

Screaming and Screaming his anger out. His team finally had enough and booted Hot Dish from the team. Enraged by the betrayal, Hot Dish aligned himself to cause Chaos wherever he went and cause a mass of destruction in his path.

Powers and Abilities

Sound Beam Emission - Hot Dish is able to create powerful soundwaves with his voice and is able to control the frequency and intensity of the blast in order to increase its already destructive power.


His pose is close to Marvel Zombies Sentry


A Zombified Sentry returning to the past to start the virus again in a endless loop

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