Hundred is a RED Heavy TF2 Freak created by Scarifar1.


Hundred wears the Team Captain, a pair of Security Shades, and a pair of Earbuds.

Hundred was the leader of the RED Team in Old Bloke's dimension, but now Hundred is believe to be dead after being one of the first victims of the mysterious Vagineer. His consciousness now resides in Mastermind, after escaping from his old body into Mastermind, who was his second in command at the time. He is not as intelligent as Mastermind, although very close to it, but he is very strict and unyielding. Now, after being respawned in the current dimension, he is free to do as he pleases.

Powers and Abilities

Hundred possesses powers of the mind that supass even the BLUs, capable of completely controlling the weak-minded, although those with a stronger will can temporarily block him out before inevitably losing. He also possesses strength far greater than that of a normal Heavy, and can wield a variety of weapons, from miniguns to rocket launchers to flamethrowers. He is capable of fighting with his mind and his physical strength at the same time, making him a formidible enemy to anyone not used to it.

Faults and Weaknesses

Hundred's mind can be resisted to increasing amounts of success, even to the point of resisting completely, if exposed to any form of mind tampering repeatedly. Also, he must use full concentration to alter someone's mind, otherwise he is merely capable of telepathy and sheer annoyance in someone's mind, plus it would increase their immunity to his mind. He is also not particularly strong physically, even though his ingenuity can help bypass this weakness.