Hybro is a mix of a RED & BLU Pyro Freak created by Me (I was just dicking around and made it) His theme song is "Heaven" by i monster

sans. 8-bit as the non-combat


They both met in the Invasion update, RED pyro was waiting in the sewers waiting for a kill, then conveniently a BLU pyro comes into the sewers, the RED pyro had one thing to do, kill. He airblasted the BLU into the air, shooting him, the BLU ran to med kit, he was able to make it, he tried escaping but fell into the toxic in one of the barrels, with the RED not looking, he also fell, them both combining they formed a RED & BLU hyrbid known as Hybro {Its pronounced Hyb-ro}

Behavior and Appearance

They are a RED & BLU pyro hybrid, mixed, they used to kill but now they just love nature, but they are still hostile, if someone attacks them, they attack back, one of the Pyros will try to stop the other but they sometimes fail and go with the flow. Sometimes in battle, they will argue what to do next so they are defeated easily, but nature sometimes comes to their aid so they have a chance to run. They are always clumsy, not being synced with each other. One wears the Birdcage and the other wears the Bubble Pipe

Powers & Abilities

A Clumsy Start: This will increase Hybro's Health by 30% but will decrease speed by 18% for 1 minute.

Nature At Its Finest: If they are fighting in a forest, they will be able to have a animal fight with them.

Switch!: This will switch any weapons that are broken, on the ground or not as effective.

Fighting With Life: This power will enable Hybro to fight with his life, increasing health and strength by 20%.

(RAGE) Split Minds: Split minds will be able to super jump faster, attack faster and will switch to a random weapon.


They mostly like nature better so they get distracted in the beautiful places, they also have a chance to argue in battle, so they can be hit easily, they are a bit of a tank but they aren't really synced with each other, making this a weaknesses. If caught off guard, Hybro can trip over, taking a while for them to get up.

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