"You thought it was a McDonalds. But it was me, Ignite!"
Ignite ready to fight.


Ignite is supposed to be my Steam account, so why not make him a FF2. I couldn't find any good voice lines (cause i'm that lazy), so I either used lines from memes or TF2. His theme song is Walkin' On The Sun (Instrumental).


Born from the depths of F2P, Ignite was born. Still starting out as a new player, he started to learn. He was learning Engineer at the time but started noticing he was bad at it. Turning to different class my help this F2P, he played Pyro. Now he has good cosmetics and weapons.

Appearance, Behavior & Arsenal

He is a relaxed & weird player, he wears the Bubble Pipe & is a WHT Pyro(I actually wear the Cranial, Tricksters and Airtight Arsonist). He carries around a Degreaser, Objector and a Shotgun.

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