Living Weapon is a robotic Freak created by heheBOOM the first of many freak ideas he has

Living Weapon
Creator heheBOOM
Creation April 1st 2020 (Concept_
Debut ???
Type Cyborg
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Insulting, Dimwitted
Fighting style Long Ranged
Weaknesses Sappers
Status Alive
Occupation Armed Killer
Enemies HECU


Living Weapon before being robotized was a regular RED sniper, After he was robotized he became a YLW sniper with 2 SMGS instead of hands 2 Shoulder mounted sniper rifles and a villain's veil covering his mouth to hide his most powerful weapon

Personality and Behaviour

Living Weapon is more a less a dumb freak but he will use insults to anger his opponents causing them to not think making them easy kills when not hunting he more a less spends his time doing random things or repairing himself after combat, If living weapon is in your area depending on if your his target or not you can do 1 of 2 things, If your not his target don't bother him he will get aggressive if you annoy him, If you are his target, get out of the area he's gonna be on a non stop quest to kill you and it's better to just escape from him rather than engage in combat

Powers And Abilities

If you engage with Living Weapon he has several tools to kill you with

Living Weapon has 2 smgs on his hands he will use these to shoot rapidly at you, He seems to have unlimited ammo but his smgs do burn out if used too much

Another thing the smgs can do is use a grappling arrow, Living Weapon uses this to pull far away opponents towards him or reach higher ground

Living Weapon has 2 shoulder mounted sniper rifles, These will immediately lock onto there opponents. Shooting vital areas to slow down your escape. He use to be able to headshot with these but after many failed hunts they just break if he tries to shoot your head with them

Living Weapon's most powerful ability is the plasma mouth shot, He pulls off the villain's veil to fire a powerful plasma blast to send you flying or kill you outright but he rarely uses it and he has some trouble getting it off due to him having no hands

Faults and Weaknesses

Living Weapon is slow and he can't run, Meaning it's pretty easy to get away from him

Living Weapon can be immobilized with sappers, As long as the sapper stays on he wont be able to move meaning you technically have defeated him

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