Malfunction Pancakes
Creator Cowboygineer
Creation March 13, 2014 (Concept)
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Naughty
Fighting style Various
Abilities Slide
Immense strength
Status Alive
Occupation Serial rapist
Enemies Porkgineer

Malfunction Pancakes is a concept BLU Scout Freak created by Deviantart User Cowboygineer.

Personality and Behavior

Malfunction Pancakes is a scout that is sex-crazed meaning he loves to rape people, known as Gays. Malfunction Pancakes will appear out of no where, then sliding to his victim with repeated sounds of Pancakes but said as Pu since of how fast he's going, similar like Painis Cupcake slides to his victim with shotgun cocks. He will then stop and say I am Malfunction Pancakes. the victim would either stare at him confusingly or walk away. He will then say I am gonna rape YOU.. The Victim could be nervous or scared to be raped by a Scout. Malfunction Pancakes would then hit his victim to the ground and reapeatidly rapes the victim, after that the victim is covered in cum.

Powers and Abilities

Malfunction Pancakes has a variety of abilities, Number One is his slide similar to Painis Cupcake too he will slide to his victim first. Number Two is his immense strength, easily enough he could easily knock out his foe and beginning raping his foe while the enemy is knocked out. And last of all his most strongest ability Is his self ubercharge. Being hit by a stronger foe will make Malfunction Pancakes unleash it or just get hit a couple of times. Formerly he unleashes it when he's angered or weakened.


  • Malfunction Pancakes is actually the creators steam name, Very strange.
  • The Creator of the freak couldn't think of a name for this freak and decided to name it his Steam Username.
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