2013-12-20 00001
Creator MrFlipMasterG64
Creation 12/18/13 (concept)
Type Rapist
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Happy
Status Was arrested multiple times
Occupation Rapist
Allies MrFlipMasterG64 (Main target)

Marlisa is a RED Femme Pyro created by YouTube user MrFlipMasterG64.


She appears as a RED Femme Pyro wearing the DethKapp , the Nose Candy , the Rail Spikes , the Sight for Sore Eyes and a pink-colored Disciplinary Action as her signature torture tool.

Behavior and Personality

She always seems happy. This , though , is only a disguise to lure her victims to her , so she can have smex with them.

Powers and Abilites

  • She uses her Disciplinary Action when torturing people.
  • Marlise also seems to be good at parkour
  • She also can track down her victims.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • She always surrenders to the police when she is cornered or surrounded.
  • She can lose track of her victims after a chase scene.
  • She can fail at parkour , which can cause her to fall down to her death.


  • Marlisa likes to smex with her creator , and she oftenly chases him because of that.
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Marlisa Chasing MrFlipMasterG64