Creator Swiff
Creation May 17, 2014 (concept)
Debut In the Making
Type Mad Doctor
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Maniac
Fighting style Various
Abilities Manipulation of the Undead
Revolver and Knife
Status Alive

Maxis is a Dark BLU Medic TF2 Freak created by Swiff.

Appearance and Personality

Maxis takes the appearance of a dark BLU medic, the symbol on his coat is the group 935 symbol. Maxis wears The Gaiter Guards, a Das Ubersternmann and a Das Feelinbeterbager (painted in Operator's overalls) along with the ward. If in the a very cold and snowy environment, Maxis will wear a heat of winter. Maxis' face bears a small scar on his face and has greyish tone to his skin, his eyes are different color, one yellowish green and black and the other one is red and white.

Unlike the standard medic, Maxis doesn't carry the traditional gear of the medic, like the syringe gun or the Medigun, or the bone-saw. Maxis is manic, crazed as he mostly bears a smile when turning his minions.

Powers and Abilities

Maxis is able to bring back and control the undead with the injection of a syringe that carries a green liquid, when injected the dead body will be reanimated with most of its systems reactivated. When the serum is injected, the Zombie seems to be automatically obedient, the cause of the Zombies obedience is unknown. This serum will work on rotten old corpses and recently/freshly killed bodies. the serum will take a few seconds to kick in.

In case of emergencies, Maxis carries around a knife and a small, snub-nosed revolver, in case the Zombie doesn't rise quickly, or if there are "witnesses", by witnesses, other mercs who see what Maxis is doing. If Maxis doesn't choose use his weapons, he will let his Zombie minion kill the witness. It mostly depends on the situation.

Maxis is also capable with armed and unarmed combat, he is capable of using fist and foot combat in case he isn't able to take out his gun or if it is knocked out of his hand.

Faults and Weaknesses

Maxis doesn't have any special powers or protection, he mostly depends on his Zombies sometimes to protect him. Maxis also can't take on large groups alone unless he can find an advantage, or if his Zombies (if he has some) are near.


  • Maxis is slightly based off of SCP-049, but instead of touching his victims he either kills them will a gun or knife, or the specimen is already dead/killed. Maxis was also slightly based off Doctor Richtofen, but instead of basing his name off of him, the creator decided to use the name of Richtofen's former superior, Dr. Maxis.
  • At the moment, the source of Maxis' serum for the Zombies is currently unknown.