The Pyrokinetic Organism Designed Only for Kritting (Or P.O.D.O.K for short) is a YLW Pyro created by



P.O.D.O.K is a YLW Pyro with a massive head. He uses a mechanized chair as he can't walk without it. He is also a bit cuckoo crazy


P.O.D.O.K Before becoming the big head in a chair was the dumbest pyro in all the bad lands. He was a heavy liability to his team so they brought him to a group of medics to cure his condition.

Little did they know the medics do some pretty bad stuff to there patients. They used an experimental formula on the pyro and he went from a braindead pyro to one of the smartest beings in the bad lands. But was kept contained.

Once he managed to find a mechanized chair he used it's weapons to massacre the medics and escaped out to form the F.R.C.D (The Freak Research & Containment Division) So that he can cure them of there strangeness. Despite the fact freaks work under him.

Behaviour and Personality

P.O.D.O.K Spends most of his days in his lab computing. Sending his underlings to do the work. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty however. He has weapons on his chair for a REASON you know

He is mostly emotionless as he doesn't eat drink sleep or breathe. To him he just "is" but there are sprinkles of emotion in there. Any being he deems as a freak he wants captured and attempted to be cured by any means. Even if it includes torturing them to get it

Powers and Abilities

His Mechanical chair contains many different weapons. Including a flamethrower. Giant axes. Airblast shields. And flare cannons

  • P.O.D.O.K has pyrokinesis as a result of his mutation. He can control any fire in a 5 meter radius of him. This pyrokinesis also allows him to move his chair. As it's rocket fuel is basically fire
  • P.O.D.O.K Has a connection to the internet. He can find websites in an instant and can gain information fast through it. He also plays a lot of flash games on it. Maybe he just enjoys them

Faults and Weaknesses

While P.O.D.O.K Believes he has no weakness. He has one major one. If he's knocked off his chair and he can do is crawl. Until he gets back on it

P.O.D.O.K is also weak to water as it dims his pyrokinetic powers if he touches it. He also is frightened by it. His underlings find it funny

P.O.D.O.K Can't run out of fuel for his chair. But they can be damaged and are very explosive. They're his greatest ally and his worst enemy


P.O.D.O.K is based off the marvel villain M.O.D.O.K

The image is a prototype P.O.D.O.K and will be improved later

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