Creator Osmanli Imparatorlugu
Creation 10/01/2018
Debut Debut
Type Mystical human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Depends
Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Enhanced Fitness

Branding Iron usage

Vacuum Wand



Bomb throwing

Status Alive
Occupation Sorcerer/Wizard
Allies Whoever wanted to be his ally
Enemies Designated targets
Phyzard is a RED Pyro freak made by Osmanli Imparatorlugu. His theme is Weather Wizard Theme(Expanded)


He was a regular RED Pyro works in a blacksmith shop for his Engineer master. Night in the Halloween, the freaks(including Painis Cupcake), began to vandalize every village and kill every villagers, including his master. He decided to hide from them until they disappear. Many hours later, many villagers(except the pyro) were brutally massacred. He bow to end the misery once and for all by make himself a sorcerer trained by Merasmus.

Appearances and behavior

Phyzard seems wearing a wizard hat, a mask and a robe. He armed with a magical branding iron. He is very depress in front of freaks prior to The Halloween Massacre by certain freaks. He is very friendly towards normal mercenaries(unless if they provoked Phyzard). Considered by Phyzard, to end all the freaks in TF2 World, he needs to collect certain relics that contain powerful mystical magic that is strong enough to overpowered other freaks, including demons.

Powers and abilities:

Phyzard armed with:

  • Magical branding iron that shoots fireballs and ignite the nearest opponent's torso and can teleport him from one place to another.
  • Vacuum Wand to vacuum incoming projectiles then exhaust back to the opponents.
  • Once he is wounded, he can self-healing to remove all signs of blood around his body and if his arm or leg being cut off, self-healing also can regrow back his cut off parts.
  • He can make bombs to explode the whole area, but if he combined bombs with fire, they become much more dangerous.
  • Fireballs
  • Vacuum Wand
  • Incineration
  • Teleportation
  • Self-Healing
  • Bombs
  • Fire Bombs

Faults and weaknesses:

However, Phyzard seems having trouble such as:

  • Provoked by his ally who'm he promised for do something that favors him a lot.
  • Freaks who immune with fire makes Branding iron is useless to overwhelm them.
  • His vacuum wand only sucks if the projectile size is fits/smaller than the vacuum wand hole.


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