"No worries mate! Hahahaha!"

— RED Spyper after killing another victim.

RED Spyper is an evil RED Spy/Sniper Hybrid TF2 Freak created by youtube user minifett.

Personality and Behavior

RED Spyper's personality basically he will land next to a Freak or Mercenary with his Van colored RED. He will then walk out and say Pardon Me. He will take out his Kukris and attack his victim. If he gets a hold of them he will begin butchering them or just simply killing them.

Powers and Abilities

He has his very own Ubercharge-Boost which gives him the power of it but not showing the Ubercharge skin. Increasing his Speed and Strength. He also can teleport to places, this is a great ability because he's really agile.


  • His Ubercharge Has expiration time And Everyone or Himself Can't See UberCharge Skin That Mean He Don't Know About Expiration Time For His Ubercharge
  • He Have not a Power For Fight With High Freak.

Notable Videos

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