Rotten Pootis
Rotten Pootis
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 31,2017
Debut Meet Rotten Pootis
Type Hybrid Human/bird
Alignment Choatic Evil
Attitude Rude
dark humour
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Filght
Sandvish Teleportation
Pocket guns
Present bombs
cartoon physics
Enhanced Speed
Toxic smell
Weaknesses Frail body
eaten as a Sandvish
Status Alive
Occupation Prankster/Trickster
Allies Rotten Turnip
Scapel(need permission for both)
Enemies Medic Man

Rotten Pootis is a rapist and prankster concept by Kyuubiman3

his normal theme is Rabbids Go Home - Bulbamara

his provoked theme Rayman Origins - The Dragon Chef's Belly


He appears to a Fat BLU Heavy that's "wears" the Chicken Kiev, Max's Severed Head and World Traveler's hat sometimes he'll wear the Officer's Ushanka

Personality and Behaviour

Rotten Pootis has a bizarre mind with unpredictable moments when he's telling first he'll be a friend then the next he'll try to kill that said person

Rotten Pootis is a very messy guy and making his toxic smell stronger to knock out anyone that's not a Pyro

He loves playing pranks on unfortunate people and finish them off with present bomb while he laughs at their destruction

Powers and Abilities

Due to being part bird he has the ability to fly

He can turn into a Sandvish and teleport to the nearest Heavy

He can kill people with the showdown taunt while saying "POW!"

Rotten Pootis loves giving his victims a present before the explode from the bomb inside the present

Rotten Pootis has the weirdest cartoon physics that he could survive a big explosion to die from a punch to the face

Rotten Pootis is faster then Scouts and can dodge most attacks

Rotten Pootis's most deadliest attack is his toxic smell from his body that can kill most people when he wants them dead

Faults and Weakness

Rotten Pootis is flammable to fire due his smell around his body

Rotten Pootis is not the brightest and easily tricked and fooled by simple things

His durability changes at the worst of times that make him very weak

In his Sandvish state he can still be eaten up by the Heavy he teleported to.

Rotten Pootis2

His other appearance

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