Sgt. Magitan is a TF2 Freak concept developed by Fancymann

Sgt. Magitan
2015-09-17 00016
Creator Fancymann
Debut (Concept)
Type Robot
Alignment Chaotic-Evil
Attitude Quirky Dim-Witted
Fighting style Long, Mid, and Close-Range
Abilities R.O.F.L M.T.D Shotgun Knife Electric-Resistant Bulletproof
Weaknesses Electricity Dumb
Status Has died many times.
Occupation Titan Hunter
Allies Any other Robot
Enemies All Titans


Sgt. Magitan is a RED Soldier-Bot with a Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun, Cross-Comm Crash Helmet, and The Lucky Shot.He is armed with a Modified Lugermorph, a Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher, and a Knife.

Personality and Behavior

Sgt. Magitan's only mission is to hunt down Titans, killing anything that gets in his way, and will keep trying to until he is broken for good. He has an odd habit of saying "Maggot" after every sentence, when not on his missions, he usually can be found in Mann vs. Machine maps.

Weapons and Abilities

Sgt. Magitan's has an array of weapons that he can use to kill, not only that, but his body armor is Bulletproof and Electric Resistant.

  • M.T.D(Modified Tasing Device):The Lugermorph-Like gun is used to tase enemies.
  • R.O.F.L(Rocket-Launcher Of Freak Leveleing):This Rocket-Launcher is used to do large amounts of damage in a large range.

Faults and Weaknesses

While his armor is Electric Resistant, it is not Electric-proof, if a large amount of electricity is used to attack him, he may short out.

His neck area provides no protection and if removed can make Sgt. Magitan loose all vision.

Sgt. Magitan is Dim-Witted, and can be tricked easily.


  • Like Scoutitan, Sgt. Magitan has no team orientation.
  • Sgt. Magitan's creator is unknown.
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