Smith (12)
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 2017
Type Detective
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Abilities Luck/Bad Luck inducement for clues
Status Active
Occupation Finding Clues/Solving Murder Cases

Smith is a RED Soldier made by Captain Huzan

His theme is: (TBA)


(From Blasteroid, and will be possibly edited in the future)

Smith is an unemployed man who does not show quite much talent in anything in life, in high school he always had a knack of solving mysteries, but always ended up in a horrific and disastrous way, as others laugh at his "so called" sense of justice, later he realized what he had went wrong, it's not just about how detectives supposed to solve the case in the end and win the favor over everyone, but rather through determination, later in life, Smith would managed accomplished his dream, now an humbled, serious, yet comical detective, using his judgement on those who dares to commit crime


Smith is a good detective, he can find clues others usually cant identify almost in a instant


Smith's main fault is his lack of support from sources, he is afraid of searching for clues in the night time due to a disturbing encounter when he was a child

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