Spook Head
Spook Head
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation June, 13th 2017
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Good(normal)
Chaotic Evil(Other side)
Abilities Bloody Axe
Inhuman Durability
Off screen Teleportion
Fungi,Poison & Sludge manipulation
Weaknesses Limp leg
Distracting behavior
Status Alive
Occupation Mushroom Gardener
Superiors Shroom! Snipe
Subordinates Odd Mushroom Minions
Enemies TBA

Spook Head is PRL Sniper concept by Kyuubiman3

His theme: Petey Piranha- Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Spook Head appears as PRL Sniper wearing Bushman's Boonie and Criminal Cloak with no glasses

Personality and Behavior

Spook Head loves nature and Mushrooms because the way they look and feel he's usually a nice person to hang around with because he'll introduced himself sometimes with a hat to give

But Spook Head has a spilt personality disorder with a very murderess side that will take over him anytime he meet someone that could be a friend and after he's done murdering.

He'll wake up in a random bed not remembering what happened in tell he see his axe all bloody he remember everything that he's had done to his would-be friend.

Powers and Abilities

Spook Head's evil side owns a Bloody Axe and Bushwanka to cut and tear his victims apart and leaving a craved smile on his victims.

He has inhuman durability and high pain tolerates and can ignore being shoot in the face or stabbed in the chest with a knife.

He'll sometimes teleport off screen to scare his victi when he teleported right beside them.

He can manipulate Fungi to make minions he can control poison gas and how it's used and sludge to gross out people and make the dizzy from smell of it.

Faults and Weakness

Spook Head has a injured leg that never'd healed and is a bit slower then normal

His other side likes to distract him while being with other people maker him look crazy and vulnerable to ambushes.

Most of his attacks are straightforward due to his broken leg and fairly easy to dodge.


He's suffering from Spilt Personality Takeover

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