Stalker Spy
2015-02-23 00003
Creator Mamaluigithedonutgal
Creation Summer 2013(concept)
Type Human
Alignment True Neutral
Abilities Near-unlimited respawning
Status Has died many, MANY times

Stalker Spy is a PRL Spy Freak created by user Mamaluigithedonutgal.


Stalker Spy is a generic PRL Spy, with no accessories aside from his disguises.

Personality and Behavior

As his name implies, Stalker Spy's main occupation is watching others around him, Freak or not, all the while taking notes on their behavior. The reason behind his behavior is unknown, but he is so adamant about his continuing his "research" that being killed several times by the person he is stalking will not deter him.

Strengths and Abilities

  • Stalker Spy can disguise himself as anything he has seen in person, mercenary or Freak. Since he usually "researches" those he disguises himself as, he can act like them with great accuracy.
  • Stalker Spy can speak Vaginese, but it's too shaky for him to be a reliable translator.
  • Most people will overlook Stalker Spy as he goes about doing his "job," thus allowing him to avoid fights.
  • Every time Stalker Spy dies, he will respawn in the nearest RED or BLU base.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • As accurate as they are, his disguises are prone to random failure.
  • Stalker Spy is no stronger than a regular Spy, and seems to lack the Spy's stock weapons.


  • Stalker Spy was created as a way for Mamaluigithedonutgal to introduce her own Freaks, but soon became a Freak himself.
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