Piss off outa my swamp! -Swamp sniper shooing away intruders.

Swamp Sniper is a GRN Sniper TF2 Monster made by DENSTIFY1, and is another sewer medic-like freak.

His theme is Spider cave from LEGO universe


Swamp Sniper is a dark GRN sniper without a hat, glasses, bullets, a watch, his glove, and the quiver on his back that most snipers have. He also dons the Reptiloid set.

Personality and behavior

Swamp sniper

The swamp sniper is always angry, and always hungry, he either always looking for food (Like fish, lily pads or hands.), or keeping to himself making sure no one enters his swamp. If anyone lands in his swamp deliberately or by accident, may god help them.

Powers and abilities

Old swampy here is agile in every sense of the word, being able to swim and high speeds, climb walls easily, and leap very far.

He has fantastic animal-like reflexes and senses, and his vision, smell, and hearing are unaffected when underwater.

He has a second stomach witch can digest just about anything and spit it out as acid.

Faults and weaknesses

He is only as durable as a heavy, so he can be overpowered easily.

While he can survive on land, he is not well acquainted with walking, and he stumbles and trips a lot when he try's to.

He's quite dim, and gets outsmarted often.

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