Creator Hellman604
Creation 03.09.2013
Debut Preparing to conquer the world Part 2
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Combatant
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Low Gravity
Falconer Punch
Expert in Knifes and Machetes
Synthetic Spells
Weaknesses Greed
Status Alive
Occupation Contract Killer
Superiors SynthetMedic (Formerly)
SynthetPyro (Supreme)
Contractors (Immediate)
Allies SynthetSoldier
Enemies His Targets

SynthetSniper (Theta100H - "Hitman" as his real name is) is a BLK Sniper TF2 Freak created by Hellman604.


He was created by SynthetMedic like any other Synthet (except SynthetG, who was found, not created.) He was reprogrammed and turned against SynthetMedic.

Personality and Appearance

He is a BLK Sniper wearing Letch's LED, the Falconer and a Double Cross-Comm mask. He is usually combative and if he gets a chance to fight, he will take it.

He is hostile to any of his targets and those who stand on his way to complete his contract. He likes to take missions from various contractors.

Abilities and Powers

Gravity barely exists for Theta. He can control the balance of low gravity and high gravity with his powers. He can jump very high with reduced gravity. His glove he wears on his right arm is a Falconer Punch Glove. He can focus all his strength in that glove. His single punch while his power is completely focused can take out or knock out a target it hits. Also, he can handle knives and machetes with a professional skill. In his hands,a useless rusty machete can become a deadly weapon.

His synthetic powers that he uses are these:

  • Life Tap - Steals life from his target and transfers it into SynthetSniper.
  • Repair - It repairs one of his or his allies' wounds.
  • Green Death - The enemy target gets infected with a weak toxin, that will lead it to a painful and slow death.
  • Black Death - Infects the enemy with a strong toxin, burning its skin and leading it to a fast and painful death. Also, the toxin will be able to spread if the original target dies quickly.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If his mask is hit too hard, it will start to bleed with oil and he will lose all of his powers and become easy prey for anybody.
  • He can be distracted by money. He is one greedy bastard, so he will try to grab all the money he sees. He can be easily lured into traps or bottomless pits (if there are any) by his enemies.

Notable Videos