Creator Hellman604
Creation 14.06.2013
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Mid-Range
Abilities Enhanced Aim
Power Amplification
Electricity Magic
Stealth Tactics
Weaknesses Movement Speed of a Heavy
Battalion's Backup Power Amplification Source
Status Alive
Occupation Synthet Warriors' New Leader
Superiors SynthetMedic (Formerly)
Subordinates SynthetScout
Allies SynthetG
The Dove
The Samurai
Dr. Uppengraden
Enemies SynthetMedic

SynthetSoldier (Or Alpha100F - "Steel" as his real name is) is a BLK TF2 Freak co-created by YouTube users Hellman604 and Maximus4587.


SynthetSoldier was created by SynthetMedic as a commander for his synthetic army. However, he left after finding out about his master's true intentions. He gathered a team of freaks and made a daring assault on SynthetMedic's lair before apparently killing him, but he took heavy damage from the duel with his former master and underwent an extensive period of recovery before he could set out on his goal of protecting the freak world.

After his recovery was complete, he met a Pyro named Samyro. They talked with each other before a mysterious freak known as "Devastator" attacked them both. They teamed up and defeated him, after that, they became friends. SynthetSoldier later encountered a very much alive SynthetMedic when he was hunting T-Diamonds with his human friend and lover, The Dove. The result was Dove was buffed with SynthetMedic's electricity and SynthetMedic was forced into retreat, although he managed to throw SynthetSoldier out of the battle. Currently, he is testing a recipe for a new unknown weapon that either SynthetScout or Gamma made.

Appearence and Personality

He is a BLK Soldier wearing a Jumper's Jeepcap and he also uses an Air Strike. He is always calm and reserved. He likes to fight in stealth. He has a relationship with a speedster girl nicknamed The Dove.

Abilities and Powers

His power amplification source allows him to move faster, jump higher and attack stronger. He is a master of stealth, which makes him good at luring his enemies into traps or confusing them into forgetting their encounter. His aim is enhanced, so he can aim very well, especially with his Air Strike. Like any other Synthet, he is capable of teleportation. As every Synthet does, Alpha has magic of electricity under his control.

SynthetSoldier has four main synthetic powers:

Alpha Strike - Significantly buffs SynthetSoldier's allies, reducing his durability, but increasing his attack strength. After the buff wears off, his allies are left severely exhausted.

Dwindle - Disables the enemy's main abilities.

Noise - A target forgets a certain ability or power.

Madness - The enemy target becomes infected and is unable to use certain abilities.

Faults and Weaknesses

Without his Power Amplifier, his move speed is that of a Heavy (and if heavily wounded, even slower).

The source of his power amplification comes from the Battalion's Backup he wears, if one was to strip it from him, he will be severely weakened.

Notable Videos

  • All parts of the Synthets Finale
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