Creator Hellman604
Debut Wizard vs Synthets Part 1
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Evil (Formerly)
Attitude Cunning
Fighting style Long-range
Abilities Summoning
Enhanced Agility
Matter Absorption
Status Unknown
Subordinates SynthetMedic (Formerly)
Enemies CyborMedic

SynthetSpy(Or Omega100F - "Stealthy" as his real name)is a synthetic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Hellman604.


Some time in the past, SynthetSpy was created by SynthetMedic to serve as his subordinate before the duo's arrival in the TF2 Freak world.

He was caring about his master and pulling him out of any trouble possible, but after SynthetSoldier and his group found him when they made a daring assault on SynthetMedic's lair, SynthetSpy was reprogrammed to be hostile to SynthetMedic in any means of hostility. SynthetSpy saved SynthetSoldier from being killed by SynthetMedic, causing his former master to disintergrate him for his treachery. After that SynthetSoldier and his team of fellow freaks ended SynthetMedic's plans by apparently killing him.

Appearance and Personality

SynthetSpy is a BLK Spy wearing a Hat of Cards and Doublecross-Comm. While smart like his master SynthetMedic, but less so to prevent betrayal, SynthetSpy isn't easy to understand because of his robotic voice and can only be understood by those like him. He is very loyal to SynthetMedic and is willing to protect him even on pain of death.

Power and Abilities

Like SynthetMedic, being a hybrid of human flesh and high-end technology allows SynthetSpy to use black ether in order to cast magic.

One of his abilities consists of summoning butterfly knives from thin air and controlling them via telekinesis without having to use them physically. His favorite move when using his knives is to throw them at his opponent in order to distract them, and then following that with a powerful move to put in more damage. He can also pin his opponents with knives so they wouldn't move at all. His special ability is called "Knife Storm", in where he summons a large amount of butterfly knives and hurls them all at his opponent.

SynthetSpy's other abilities include long-range teleportation, absorbing electricity and australium-based metals, and enhanced speed. He is also very acrobatic, which makes him very capable at dodging.

Faults and Weaknesses

The "Knife Storm" ability drains SynthetSpy of all his power and must spend a considerable amount of time to recharge fully. While in this state, he is as vulnerable as a normal Spy.

While invulnerable to butterfly knives, axes and other sharp weapons will knock him out and cause him to disappear.

SynthetSpy's Doublecross-Comm mask appears to be the only source of his power; if it is destroyed, he will be left in a vulnerable position.

Notable Videos

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