"See! I told ya they were a bunch o' wee lasses!"

THE Bird Scunt seems to lack meaningful, freakish special abilities and thus fails to meet a basic criterion to be considered a TF2 Freak.
Tom and Jerry Earrape

Tom and Jerry Earrape


THE FLYING BIRD SCUNT Born in the depths of hell the FLYING BIRD SCUNT was born from Pure mountion dew and cod kids.Known For being so annoying to deal with people kill them self in its presents or just a image of him drives you mad(thats why theres no image oF this monster).

Known for earrape and hell on players who have to deal with him. "HEY PAYY ATTENTION TO ME... NOT FUCKING NOW MOM I AM PLAYING WHAT SEEMS TO BE CALL OF DUTY."at this point in time the monster points his attenton twards the unexpecting players he is in a game with them god help us all."HEY IS THIS CALL OF DUTY??"he says this directly into the mic hurting many peoples ears."ahh no" says a unexpecting victom of this vile menace " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as the beast screams it kills every one in game and in real life this is just a example of this HORRID MONSTER.

The Orgins of the bird scunt

the orgins are very unknown. As we know he was born in the depths of hell from autisum and the the dew drink.some say his creation was caused by @##$%#@%#^#^%$$%%$#!$RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

This is a expert of the creatures native tongue this means sIcK mLg hEaDsHoTs. The meaning has baffled experts and will never be known. the bird scunt has been known to by any new call of duty game or halo game when it is bored i has been known that the scream it makes will suck your soul


the mechanics of the T.F.B.S are pretty simple give the atomizer unilimated jumps and double the scouts speed. the Freak has 2 special charge up attacks the first one is the baby faces blaster but with x100 reload speed and a clip size of 100000 and thas a kinda reverse stats to the normal weapon because the damge and fire rate is of the pistol and it takes a well placed head shot to get down his speed boost with that in mind the jumping balances this all out and makes him go the speed of a heavy at first and then getting to the speed of light.

RAGE when rage is actavated on the T.F.B.S the scunt gets a x10000 reload speed to his baby faces blaster and has the abilty to respawn players as his minons. if you need a example for scouts screams just watch this


its only known weaknesses are lawngnomes,fire,5 or 9 sniper rifle boolets to the head,a copy of war and peace and finally something more annoying then it could break the fabric of reality if this happens.

the creator is me Homosapiens is cool

the reason why it dosnot have a normal thing is because i halfassed this and its mainly a inspiration for others.

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