The Dark Hunter
Creator RileyPivot
Creation June 15th 2014 (Concept)
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Extremely hostile
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Extreme speed
Weaknesses Vulnerable to damage
Status Alive
Occupation Hitman / Unoccupied killer
Allies Nobody
Enemies Everyone

The Dark Hunter is a Spy freak created by user RileyPivot.

His primary theme song is Half Life 2 - Nova Prospekt and his secondary theme song is Anadel - Carver


The Dark Hunter was, before becoming the merciless being that he is, originally a BLU Spy. His team was never really friendly towards him, and after being pushed around and killed constantly by his own team, the Spy finally snapped. He escaped the battlefield mid-round and equipped himself with his black suit, hood and weaponry, and went back to the battlefield, only to kill everyone he saw, including members of the BLU team.

Afterwards, he decided to roam around to different maps, and do the same thing he did to his previous team; kill everybody.


The Dark Hunter appears as a Spy wearing a dark suit and a Dashin' Hashshasin colored black. He usually appears with a Big Earner in his hand, or in rare cases, an Enforcer. He has no visible face.

Behavior and Personality

The Dark Hunter is an evil, unforgiving and merciless being who tends to always kill whoever comes into his sights. He tends to stick to the shadows, rarely coming out unless his prey walks into the light. He kills extremely quickly and in very gruesome ways, such as shoving knives down his victim's throats until the knives hit the victim's brain (as seen on the picture), and then ducking back into the shadows after his victim falls.

Before killing his enemy, he seems to like toying with them or taunting them, either by standing in a doorway menacingly holding his knife, or by appearing and seemingly vanishing right in front of the enemy's eyes.

The Dark Hunter also seems to cause lights and few electronics to flicker while he's close to them. Whether this is uncontrollable or done by the Dark Hunter just to taunt enemies is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

The Dark Hunter doesn't seem to have any real powers or abilities, other than being strong and extremely fast. He also seems to be able to fit through the smallest of gaps and holes and is always able to find and kill his victim, no matter where they are or what they do.

Faults and Weaknesses

The Dark Hunter as no real faults or weaknesses, apart from being pretty vulnerable to damage; one or two bullets may incapacitate him for a long period of time. As he also rarely takes out his Enforcer, he may be relatively easy to take down from a distance.


Despite having a black suit and hood, The Dark Hunter doesn't seem to be on any actual team. He will kill anyone he sees, even if they're on the BLK team.

Notable Videos

Team Fortress 2 - Hunted

Team Fortress 2 - Hunted 2 (Coming Soon)

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