The Deathsmith of Rune
The Deathsmith of Rune fighting Wx
Creator n8five484
Creation 9/28/15 (Concept long before 9/28/15)
Debut Pending
Type Genius Mastermind
Abilities Able to create evil holograms of freaks
Weaknesses Seeing his own fears which makes him lose consciousness.
Status Pending
Occupation Freak Hunter
Subordinates Moon Koon, Bystrech, Laklsl, Mr. Griy, Nexus
Allies No one
Enemies Red Spy, Red Heavy, Wx

The Deathsmith of Rune is a GRY-ish, SIL-ish Medic Freak who is the team leader of "The" and sword master.

When his original team, SIL got destroyed by a Vagineer, he made it is his mission to eliminate all the freaks in the universe.


The destruction of his team, SIL was caused by a RED experiment that went wrong which, created the first Vagineer. While he watched as his last of his team member get eaten, he decided to kill the abomination. Getting a sword from the body of the SIL Demoman, he went face to face with the Vagineer. Soon he realized, when battling the Vagineer that he couldn't win, so he ran for his life.

After those tragic events he decided to get revenge by killing every freak in existence.


  • His name is based off a Youtube channel called The Runesmith of Death where he did a tutorial on how to make a freak.
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