The Engario Bros. are a Engineer TF2 Freak duo conceptualized by Dr. Lazlo.

It consists of two members: a RED Engineer and a GRN Engineer.


The RED member, Engario, resembles Mario, in that his outfit is primarily red. The GRN member, Luigineer, resembles Luigi, having a primarily green outfit.

The similarities between the two are mustaches, blue overalls, and white construction gloves.


Engario is the leader of the brothers, and is a caring man. His main goal in life is to build the World's Spiciest Meatball, and will help anyone generous enough to sell him some meatballs.

Luigineer is much more cowardly, having a fear of ghosts ever since his father became one. He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but will help someone out nonetheless.


  • These Freaks are based on the famous Super Mario Brothers.