The Gyrois a GRAY TF2 Freak created by fightking on deviantART 

The Gyro
Creator flair541
Type Pyro
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Friendly, dangerous when annoyed.
Fighting style Unpredictable
Abilities Rainblower, spinning and unrealistic flailing at joints, Lollichop
Weaknesses Seezing of joints
Status Alive
Occupation none
Allies Demopan,

Seeman, Regular Mercs, The Spiner

Enemies Vagi-classes


Never discussed, and quite Frankly, The Gyro doe'sn't care.

Appearence and Behavior

The Gyro appears as a regular GRAY Pyro, he's quite happy to help anyone who asks. How ever, upon being angered, annoyed, or if he's had a bad day, things tend to "Get Messy". 


The Gyro has a constant Rainblower, Lollichop, and Infernal Orchestra for oppenents that are smart enough not to look when he displays his truly special abilities. The Gyro can wave his limbs or his head all about in inhuman ways, leading to the other freaks or mercs who annoy or try to fight him to do the same until the boon brakes, he then stares at them and they catch Fire. the catching fire however, ban only bedone when a bone is broken, or the person antaginising Gyro has lost blood.