The Spychiatrist
The Spychiatrist Ref Pic For Wiki
Creator Mamaluigithedonutgal
Creation December 2012 (Concept)
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Amiable
Abilities Hypnosis
Weaknesses Frail
Status Alive
Occupation Therapist
Subordinates A RED Heavybot

The Spychiatrist is a BLU Spy Freak created by user Mamaluigithedonutgal. He lives and works on the Watchtower map, where he sees patients on a regular basis.

Appearance and Personality

The Spychiatrist is a maskless BLU Spy wearing the Spectre's Spectacles, and carrying a clipboard and pencil. He usually has no cigarette in his mouth, unlike most Spies.

The Spychiatrist is kind and respectful towards everyone, and, no matter what he may do, he is normally acting out of benevolence. He takes his job very seriously, seeing it as his obligation to help those less mentally stable than himself.

While capable of hypnosis, he believes it needs to be used responsibly, and will not use it outside of therapeutic or self-defense reasons.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Spychiatrist's only real ability is hypnosis. He can hypnotize someone by staring into his or her eyes through his Spectre's Spectacles. His hypnotic capabilities allow him to change an individual's mentality for an indefinite amount of time.
  • The Spychiatrist is accompanied by a RED Heavybot that serves as his personal bodyguard. It defends him against anything that attempts to attack him, and stays by his side in case a therapy session takes a turn for the worse.
  • The Spychiatrist can talk people, Freak or otherwise, through their problems (though he can't necessarily convince them to change their ways).

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The Spychiatrist is even more frail than the typical Spy. In addition, if attacked, the only way he will fight back is with his hypnosis, and he will run and hide if this fails; he will not use violence under any circumstance, not even to save his life.
  • Powerful as it is, the Spychiatrist's hypnotic trance will wear off prematurely if the hypnotized patient is seriously injured (for example, getting knocked unconscious).
  • While the Spychiatrist can put cyborg Freaks into a trance, his hypnotic suggestion will not work on them if they have any form of programming (since it will override his suggestions), and he cannot hypnotize robotic Freaks.
  • The Spychiatrist needs his Spectre's Spectacles to hypnotize others. Without them, he is powerless.
  • The Spychiatrist's Heavybot, as a robot, is vulnerable to electricity, EMPs, and magnets.


  • The Spychiatrist has a tendency to call other Freaks by their class names (for example, calling Painis Cupcake "Soldier") instead of their established names.
  • The Spychiatrist's name is obviously a portmanteau of "Spy" and "psychiatrist," and he originally came to be when his creator noticed the opportunity for a play on words.
  • The Spychiatrist's mannerisms were inspired, in part, by those of Polite Spy.
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